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Education in France: ideal for Indian students

France has been friends with India in many fields. This nation is considered most suitable and ideal for the students of India. The nation has a world class education system and the number of Indian students is increasing by day. The degrees awarded here are recognised on the international parameters. The details are being given in this dissertation for your convenience and needful.

Studying in the UK: A golden place for education

Getting attracted with the quality education imparted in the UK, students from across the world throng the land in droves to receive higher education. If you wish to get education there, this decision of yours is quite correct. This article details the latest goings on obtaining in the campuses of the UK.

Considerable things while applying for foreign educational degree

If you have decided to pursue your education from university/country, you might have lot of questions in your mind. How to apply for education in foreign universities/countries? How to choose best foreign university? What will be fee? Here in this article we will discuss all these things regarding completing your education from a foreign university/country.

United Nations University (UNU) as a study abroad option

Do you know about United Nations University (UNU)? Do you aspire to pursue your higher studies at UNU, the global university? Where are the 15 institutes and programs located in 13 different countries of the world? Read this article to know more about UNU and the available options.

Which is better - MBA or Masters from a foreign university?

Choosing between an MBA or a Master's degree at foreign schools can be difficult, but there are differences between the two. MA is better for specializations while MBA offers general business skills. Students should make a choice based on their own ambitions and backgrounds.

Five affordable destinations for Indian students to study abroad

Looking for low cost educational options abroad? This resource attempts to help Indian students from middle-class background to pursue quality higher studies in foreign countries at affordable cost. The countries chosen are based upon the costs and standard of higher education.

Emotional challenges of studying abroad in USA

How to plan for and cope with the emotional aspects associated with the studies in US is a very important issue. In this article the subject matter will be discussed in simple language and few useful tips will also be shared.

Application to Study in a Foreign University:Email format sample

A letter of application for study in some foreign university/institute must mention rationales as to why you feel significant to do the course in a specific field of the subject as well as this also as to why among so many institutes/universities in the given country must you choose the one where you are applying. This article details as to how to write application to Study in a Foreign University.

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How to apply foreign university for Masters degree?

Want to take up a Masters Degree in civil or construction engineering abroad? Find out in this thread about the application process to a foreign university for a masters degree in civil or construction engineering.

Guidance to pursue Phd from foreign university

Do you wish to do a Ph.D. course in mechanical engineering abroad? Get quick tips here on the best German universities for Ph.D. in mechanical engineering and scholarships offered for Indian students.
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