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Author: Bhavani      Post Date: 06 Apr 2023        
Learning a second/third language always has its benefits and is a privilege to widen the horizons and strengthen an individual's communication skills. Knowledge of multiple linguistics is manifold. It improves memory and cognitive functioning. Various languages have been spoken globally and French has been one of the worldwide spoken languages for communication acquiring international importance other than English, especially in European countries and India recently. Most of the private schools in India have included French as an option for a second language and learning French is imperative for students who prefer to go for abroad for higher studies. Derived from the family of an Indo-European language, this language has been incorporated as an official language in as many as 29 countries.

Prior to looking for paid French language courses offered in India, let us have a list of a few free online courses to learn the literature of French, which are flexible, pocket friendly, and from beginners to intermediate levels.

Duolingo being an application, enables the learner to start from the basics of writing, reading, listening, and speaking skills. Through this app, one can learn the language quickly in a more interesting manner with fun, and review vocabulary relevant to food, places, habits, people, daily activities, etc. The main features are that the curriculum is easily accessible through mobile or tablet, personalized and efficient learning modules, and a quick review is possible. Lessons are tailor-made to motivate through challenging fun activities and revision exercises if mistakes are made. This is completely free of cost, and flexible. Learners' level has been from beginner to advanced.

As an online platform, Alison offers a free diploma course in the French language. This curriculum includes basic vocabulary, phonetics, grammar, and phrases for routine conversations involving food order, self-introduction of people, places, etc. Through this foundation course, the learner enhances pronunciation and communication skills in the language. Various levels of courses have been taught via this Alison diploma course.

The French Experiment
The French Experiment conducts online courses through the website, providing basic skills with 15 free lessons for beginners. The features include audio lessons, complete revision of basics to cover phrases, idioms, numbers, and so on through effective pronunciation abilities. This website teaches learners with numerous practice sessions to study at their own pace.
Author: Raveena Madhubalan      Post Date: 10 Apr 2023        
I have always been fascinated by the French language and its captivating culture. When I heard about the free online French language courses available in India, I knew I had to take advantage of the opportunity. After signing up for the course, I was excited to start learning the language. I was able to learn the basics of the language, such as pronunciation and grammar, as well as more complex topics, like French culture and how to communicate with native speakers. With each lesson, I felt more confident in my ability to communicate in French. After completing the course, I was able to converse with native speakers with ease. I was also surprised at how much I had learned in such a short amount of time. I am now confident in my ability to use the language and continue to practice and build my French language skills.
Author: Arsha A J      Post Date: 06 Apr 2023        
In my personal opinion. There are many platforms where you can learn and practice your French, however, before suggesting you any sites or apps I'd like to tell you that while learning a language online you may miss out on the key tricks and the effective guidance that would be available while learning personally from a teacher.

To answer your question, my personal favourite is the YouTube channel 'One advantage of using YouTube for language learning is that you can find a lot of authentic content that reflects how the language is used in real life. Additionally, many channels offer exercises and quizzes that can help you practice what you've learned. However, it's important to keep in mind that learning a language solely through YouTube may not be the most comprehensive approach. It can be helpful to supplement your YouTube learning with other resources, such as textbooks, online courses, or in-person classes.

Overall, studying French on YouTube can be a great way to supplement your language learning and improve your skills. Just make sure to use a variety of resources and practice regularly to make the most of your language-learning journey.
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