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How to start a freelance travel and tourism career

Are you looking for work at home opportunities in the travel & tourism field? This article gives complete information on how to become a travel guide or holiday planning advisor with reputed travel websites in India.

How to become a professional caterer Part - 2

Food services and catering businesses have to be registered under the FSSAI Act of India, 2006. These services must comply with the laid down regulations to operate. Further, there will be sales and service tax that the companies will be eligible for paying. From this article you will get all the information required about these aspects of setting up a business.

How to become a professional caterer Part -1

The food business is one of the safest and the easiest business to become a part. Homemakers can turn their cooking skills into a lucrative food service or catering business. If you have the talent, you just need to go out and capture the market. This article helps you understand the nitty-gritty of getting started in the food business.

How to become an insurance agent in India

Insurance sector has tremendous potential in India because less than 30% people of the country have been covered by any type of insurance. Are you interested to tap the potential of this sector by becoming an insurance agent? Read on.....

The how-to guide with tips to start freelance career

If you want to work online or want to start your freelance career, read the following article. This article will help you in understanding how you can brand yourself, how to get organised and how to attract right agency to get work for you, how to get paid right.

Common problem faced by freelancers and ways to overcome them

The freelancers can overcome their problems problems such as communication, misunderstandings, target completion and loneliness by learning effective means of communication, co-operation, planning a schedule and maintaining social contacts. Although a freelancer may enjoy liberty, but he or she should overcome many types of problems.

Quick and easy ways to find freelance jobs

You can search for freelancing jobs on search engines by inserting appropriate keywords, choosing a proper category, registering your names to the website, posting their resume online and by posting ads on proper channels

How to become a good freelancer / consultant?

In this article, I will explain how to become a virtual employee or become a freelancer working from home or a consultant appointed by a company who works from home and reports by sending emails, phone calls and chat. This article also contains few freelance and consultant jobs which you can choose for working from home.

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