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A trip to the ‘Fort Aguada’ in Goa

The ‘Aguada Fort’ is a part of the legacy of Goa. The mind begins conjuring up images of plentiful of sea shores with copious of colours flashing one after the other at the very mention of the name of ‘Goa’. Merely acquiring the knowledge of the combination of sun, sand and sea about Goa is not enough. The historical legacy of Goa also encompasses unto itself much more than what apparently Goa is known for. Let’s know the background story of ‘Aguada Fort’ through this article.

Goa: The most preferred tourist destination

This article gives complete and up-to-date information why Goa is the most preferred tourist destination in India. It attracts tourists round the globe throughout the year with its charismatic tourist attracting features. The sea beaches, the historical temples and churches have the magical charisma to win the heart of the tourists. Here, an effort is taken to mention a brief description about the same with some in-detail information.

10 couple goals for a healthy marriage (relationship)

Are you married or in a relationship? Do you have any relationship or couple goals? Have you decided on what you are going to do to make your relationship work? Find our expert tips to practice to be in a happy marriage or relationship. Learn the do's and don'ts in a marriage.

The Human Genome Project - goals and challenges

Do you know what is genome and the human genome project? In the below article you will find the meaning of genome and details about the human genome project, namely its features, goals and applications.

How to learn the art of aligning goals to the organization

The art of aligning your goals to those of the organization where you are employed is now something that is a "given". In other words, you either do so or just get out. Or get eased out. You do not have a choice. Certain essential steps of aligning your goals to those of the organization is discussed in some detail in this article.

How to achieve success through proper goal setting

Goals can be called indispensable for achieving success in almost any field. A life without goals is a directionless ship. But how often do we miss the significance of thoughtful goal-setting! Read this article to know about how goals can be turned into a valuable asset to achieve success.

How to book Mumbai-Goa Angriya Cruise Ship tickets online

Want to sail on the Angriya ship to Goa? Looking for information on the cabin accommodation ticket prices of Angriya? This article provides complete information about the type of rooms and berths on Angriya cruise ship, facilities and services and the online booking procedure.

How to set objectives and goals in life

Goals and objectives are two terms with totally different meanings. Yet there are used interchangeably as if both were the same. Objectives are definite tasks for the short term. If we go on achieving such tasks, which are measurable in the final stage of our journey we would have achieved a goal. Goals are always for the long term. Some dimensions of setting objectives and goals are sought to be described in this article.

How to make Authentic Goan Chicken Xacuti

Chicken xacuti is an aromatic chicken curry prepared in most Goan kitchens. Check out this post to know how we can prepare delicious chicken curry using grated coconut and aromatic spices.

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Eligibility for 1st standard CBSE in Goa

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