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Truth about God and our requests

God, our prayer, request and his wishes are linked together and works as same as our current government system works, the messages of Krishna and Sai on the earth are examples and we can compare everything if we notice and observed in deep.

The principle of miracle healing and the gospel of prosperity.

Everyone was created differently in the world so that God's power may be in display. When you find people in difficult situations do not insinuate that their sins are the cause. The predicament is so that when God removes it His power will be seen at work. When that happens always give this testimony of the goodness of God courageously.

What Is The Significance And Import Of Donation In The Hindu Religion?

This article tries to explain what donation in effect actually means and which is never clearly comprehended by the majority of us. We simply go following the herds in the temple and make offerings according to the resources under our command. This article is an effort to clarify misconceptions regarding this matter.

Lord Hayagreeva Jayanthi

In Hindu spirituality there are many God and Goddess are worshipped for special skills. Lord Ganesh is meant for all success and He is worshipped first in all occasions for removing any hurdles in the effort taken by us. Similarly Goddess Saraswathi is meant for education. Many of us donot know that the Lord Hayagreeva is the Guru for Goddess Saraswathi. We are seeing about Hayagreeva here.

Why do we give to the house of God?

In this article we learn why people give their funds to churches. The benefits they derive from the action. The beneficiaries of those funds apart from the church and how those funds help in enlightening people of the goodness of the Kingdom of God.

Where is God: in search of the Almighty

He is everywhere, but not easy to find. This Article endeavors to co-relate Man & society across ages to His existence, his attempts to understand Him & the ultimate realization of His presence in our hearts.

East Godavari District of Andhra Pradesh - A visitor's Paradise.

East Godavari District is a part of Andhra Pradesh State. A very vast area and very fertile lands. The roads very well laid and lot of greenery on both sides of the road with canals through out the side of the road. Kakinada, a smart city, is the capital of this district. This article gives the details of various places worth seeing.

Does God really exist?

The question that walks through almost each and every individual's mind on this earth at least once in a lifetime. The question probably no one has answered clearly in the human history and the question which excites almost everyone, does god exist?

My interview experience at Godrej Infotech for Programmer position

Recently I appeared for an interview at Godrej Infotech for the position of Programmer. In this article, I am going to share my written test and interview experience. If you are going to apply for the post in Godrej Infotech, I hope my experience will help you in preparation.

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Do we make deals with God too?

Would it be fine to presume that making an offering in a place of worship in return for something good that has happened to you is actually like a deal? Do you promise some offerings to a particular Temple, Church, Mosque etc if you get a wish fulfilled? Give this point a serious thought and join this discussion. Come up with your views in a logical and convincing manner.

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Linking Gods with days of a week

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