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Sounds of musical instrument from “gods own country” Kerala

Every place have their own cultural musical instruments, it’s symbol of that state. These have special role in their cultural festivals or in their art forms. the sounds coming from different musical instruments alone, or combination is very much attractive and enjoyable to all the peoples. Kerala have lot of musical instruments which are used to perform with art forms.

Mothers are the greatest gift of God

When we think of mother we think of the entire world around us. No words can describe what her position is in our lives. She is omnipresent everywhere. Read this article to know why mothers are the greatest gift of God.

India The Land Of God And Goddess Calling Saints

This article is about the Saint of Delhi. Hazrat Nizamuddin Auliya was noble saint. His theological teaching of unity, his love for the downtrodden, his human service, the elegant tomb of the saint, his birth place and his linage to Imam Ali Naqi (AS), and the spiritual grace of India, the coming of the saint to India from far off lands.

How to Pray to God Almighty

Normally: our prayer to God Almighty is in the format of a demand list. Just think that have we ever thanked Him for having given so much to us? Let’s discuss topic further ahead in this article.

Does God Really Exist?

As scientific inventions, Grow, for many people faith in god decrease. This article will depict my views towards the growing disbelief in god.

Using Mechanically The Name Of God!

The way we pray to God is certainly the way we shouldn't pray. We do it mechanically for years without making any change in us.The true worshipping changes the heart of a devotee bringing peace, happiness and harmony into his life.

God's Justice!

The law of karma is the law of cause effect.It is universal and applies to all without dicrimination.If we sow the wind ,we will have to reap the whirlwind.

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Do we make deals with God too?

Would it be fine to presume that making an offering in a place of worship in return for something good that has happened to you is actually like a deal? Do you promise some offerings to a particular Temple, Church, Mosque etc if you get a wish fulfilled? Give this point a serious thought and join this discussion. Come up with your views in a logical and convincing manner.

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Linking Gods with days of a week

Puzzled why various religious activities and Gods are linked with the days of the week? Experts will share their views on this page.

Exodus: Gods and Kings review

Looking for the latest reviews of Exodus - Gods and Kings? Right here you will get feedback and reviews of the movie.
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