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What is engineering Corona and endangering Corona

December 31, 2019, was the end of the year and the world was anxiously waiting for the new year to celebrate, but actually, what did happen was the dawn of the Coronavirus. The term "Corona" is not new. It does exist as an engineering phenomenon. In this post, I'll draw some parallels between the engineering Corona and the endangering Corona.

14 Impressive health benefits of drinking sugarcane juice

This article explains the miraculous benefits of sugarcane juice in treating the body by curing various illnesses and bringing back good health. It is considered as a nutritional drink that prevents fatigue. Also, it rehydrates the body and can effectively beat the summer heat.

Know how to choose a good health insurance plan

In India, more than twenty-five insurance companies offer health insurance plans. How to choose a good and appropriate plan? The author has given some useful suggestions to choose appropriate health insurance plans. Read to know more.

How to achieve good health

This article explains methods by which good health can be achieved. Following well balanced nutritious diet, daily exercise regime, managing stress and anxiety and other healthy habits essential for mental health, taking supplements, following healthy life style all contribute to good health.

How to develop good healthy eating and drinking habits: Part-1

This article explains importance of healthy eating and drinking habits and their effects on health. Start day with healthy breakfast, drink green tea, avoid alcohol, drink adequate amount of water, cut down sugar etc. are some of the healthy habits.

Pranayama Breathing Exercises Promote Good Health

Pranayama is a collection of breathing exercises which removes irregularities from body and purifies soul. Once all the irregularities are removed and mind and body are at peace, then an individual automatically is blessed with good health and long life.

Walk for Good Health

Walking is considered the easiest and safest way of keeping oneself fit and healthy. Still we tend to dissuade ourselves on one context or the other from making it a habit. The article puts together the various benefits of walking so that one understands how important it is to take it up on a routine nature immediately. The article also gives an idea to the beginners about the time one should walk each day and the proper outfit for walking.

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