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Google AdSense is an advertising platform from Google. Webmasters and bloggers can make use of this program to display advertisements in their websites and earn revenue out of it. This program is free to join and all you need is a website or blog that generate traffic. Once your website is reviewed and application is approved by Google, you can place a few lines of script in your website, which you generate from your AdSense dashboard. Ads will be displayed on your website where the scripts are placed and you will earn revenue when readers click on these advertisements.

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A complete guide to Google Adsense and its terminology for a fresher.

In this article I have simplified terms and concepts from Google adsense for the beginners. Here you will get to know what the terms like Ad code, Page Impressions, Click Through Rate (CTR), estimated CPM, URL channel, Performance report etc means. Go through this article to clear all your doubts about these terms.

How to encash Google adsense cheque

In this article, you will know how to encash adsense check or cheque received from Google, how to deposit adsense cheque into your Saving Bank account etc. You will also know how to track adsense check from courier company and how to receive Google adsense cheque. Guidelines for adsense member particularly for adsense new members. Find the procedure for getting and encashing adsense cheque.

How to get Google Adsense account approved through ISC?

Do you want to get your Google Adsense account to be approved through ISC? You can apply for Adsense account once you become a gold member in ISC. As Google Adsense team has made account approval process stricter, it becomes very essential to know the best practices before you apply for Google Adsense. Read on to know how to get Google Adsense account approved through ISC.

Search Engine Optimization and Google adsense

In this article I described about the famous thing called the search engine optimization which is necessary to make the article to appear in the search engines and to get better traffic to the article. I also described about the Google adsense which is true earning through the online. I also mentioned about the Google keyword tool.

How to earn money using Google Adsense

This article provides the information regarding creating a free adsense account and earning through a google adsense account. Its about revenue sharing sites like ISC and how to earn money through adsense via revenue sharing sites. The basic questions like, what are revenue sharing sites and what is google adsense and how can we earn money using google adsense are also addressed in detail.

IndiaStudyChannel : A Very Good Platform To Get Google Adsense Approval

I have read many threads in this site and blogs that google adopts a very strict policy of approval a new account. I found that most of the accounts have been disapproved by google. In my opinion IndiastudyChannel is the best platform to get Google Adsense approval. I am providing important informations related to IndiaStudyChannel.

Basic information on getting Google adsense account approval

This is about basic information to get Google adsense account approval, how to get Google adsense account, what are the basic qualification to apply and get adsense account, Google adsense revenue sharing, what is revenue sharing program, what is Google adsense revenue sharing program, for which site Google approve their request for adsense account, how to proceed with Google adsense account, what is SEO or Search Engine Optimization, what is keywords, how keyword works for traffic.

Understanding Google Adsense First To Earn Dollars From Adsense Ads

This article simply explain you earn dollars from Google adsense, what Google expect from its publishers, why adsense member have to follow Google adsense, what is the best way for member to earn from Google adsense, how adsense member have to change themselves from drafting article, why adsense member have to change article script based on Google favor, what member expect from Google in turn on their contribution

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