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Know about the great freedom-fighter: Rao Tularam Ahir (1825-1862)

This great freedom-fighter never surrendered. He fought fiercely, caused terrible damage to the British force. After the First War of Independence, he went to Iran and plotted revenge against the British. Until his last days of life, he continued to fight against the British by every means. Let us now about this great freedom-fighter.

Saga of gallantry: Know about the first Indian DFC

He went to England from Calcutta with his parents when he was less than two years old. But he made all Indians proud by his gallantry during the First World War. He was the first Indian to win the Distinguished Flying Cross (DFO), posthumously. Let us pay our respect to Indra Lal Roy, the gallant Officer of British Air Force, on his death centenary.

Let us know about Harinath Dey- the exceptionally gifted linguist

The genius of Harinath Dey is still well-known among the scholars of Linguistics all over the world. This genius has been famous for his astounding work in various languages, both Indian languages and other ancient and modern languages of the world. This article describes the life and works of this great scholar.

Behaviour of American security against great personalities of India

In this article, I have expressed how developed country, America behaves against our Indians. I have also presented how Abdul kalam was insulted by American security officers. In this resource, I suggested that what steps to be taken by India to deal with the behaviour of American security persons.
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