Guidance to study in England for Indian students

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Author: Samuel Unni      Post Date: 10 Apr 2023        
One of my classmates, an Indian student, has recently decided to further his education in England. He did a lot of research and planning before finally making the move. Here are some of the things he said about his experience:

Initially, he spent a significant amount of time investigating institutions and courses that matched his interests and career ambitions. He investigated many criteria such as location, tuition fees, scholarship chances, and course format. He also ensured that he met the entry standards for the universities and courses he was interested in.

He applied for a Tier 4 (General) student visa online after deciding on a university and programme. This procedure required him to show proof of course acceptance, financial support, and other papers.

Before landing in England, he had to think about where he would stay. Despite the fact that his university provided housing for international students, he chose to check into private housing and homestays as well.

The cultural contrasts were something he was unprepared for. He had some culture shock when he initially arrived in the UK because he was from India. He did, however, make an attempt to learn about the culture beforehand and used the university's support services.

Studying in England may be costly, and my friend had to carefully organise his expenses. To handle his expenses, he researched scholarship opportunities, part-time work, and budgeting tactics.

However, my friend's experience studying in England was both tough and fulfilling. He learnt a lot, met new people, and obtained vital skills that he hopes will help him in his future profession.
Author: Athulia Gahanan      Post Date: 10 Apr 2023        
I recently completed my higher studies in England, and it was an incredible experience. I found the education system to be incredibly organized and reliable, and the resources available to me as an Indian student were plentiful. The faculty members were incredibly friendly and supportive, and I was able to make lifelong connections during my time there. The atmosphere was also incredibly diverse, and I was able to learn a great deal about different cultures during my time there. I would strongly recommend studying in England to any Indian student looking for a high-quality education and a memorable experience.
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