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Guitar Buying Tips For A Beginner

As more and more people are learning guitar, eventually they will buy one. In this article I will share you information about buying a new guitar for the absolute beginner. This article is written in context with the Indian market in .

How to improve and increase playing speed on the guitar

Lots of beginners complain about not being able to play fast or not reaching higher speeds on the guitar. This article includes tips and suggestions, right from the basics, to help you increase your speed on the guitar. Also, a few exercises have been included as well to practice and perfect.

Most Commonly Used Guitar Tuning

These are the 3 different ways to tune your guitar. The standard tuning is mostly used for songs and for some songs the tuning has got to be changed, so this article has all the required tunings.

Arrangement of notes on the guitar

A lot of guitar beginners are stumped by how and why the notes are arranged on the guitar fretboard the way they are. After learning the chromatic scale, which is the building block of music, in this article we shall have a look at how the chromatic scale is arranged on the guitar fretboard.

Bheegi Billi guitar chords and tabs from 9XM

Chrischanky is the fan of Bheegi Billi. First time on internet releasing guitar chords and tabs for Bheegi Billi guitar theme. This is the beautiful theme to make your own funny compositions. Original contribution for chords and tabs by Guru Chanakya.

How to choose the best amplifier for your guitar

In this article I have shared some information for the beginner guitar(or any other instrument) players to how to select and buy amplifiers. I have given a general description of the amplifiers available and tips to choose the best for you.

Guitar Chords for "Hum mein hai Hero" (Hero Moto Corp)

One of the best motivational advertisement song of 2011. Hero MotoCorp Theme Song -Hum mein hai hero Composed By A R Rehman. Guitar chords are very easy with Barr chord technique. G D C and G C D chords progression. Lyrics :Dil dheere dhadke hai aaj Hone ko hai aaghaaz Safar pe Chalne ka badhne ka . .. . .

How to play the guitar by ear

Nowadays because of better learning facilities, lots of people have started to learn how to play the guitar. But there is one area where the newbies are facing lots of difficulties, playing the song just by listening to it. In this article I would share with you tips on learning to play songs by ear.

Holding the Guitar Correctly

Very often guitar players reach a standstill in their way to become adept in the instrument. In a majority of the cases, the problem lies in their playing technique. Development of technique starts from the very beginning, right from the way the guitar is held, and later on extends to advanced techniques as well. Here we shall look at the most basic details of holding the guitar in the correct manner.

Personal guitar training

I will teach you step by step to learn guitar, one student at a time based on your requirement/target. Nothing that you won't need will be taught. It is my promise that within a few weeks you would be able to play songs confidently in front of people.

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Which guitar is good to present a beginner?

Wants to present a good guitar to her husband to celebrate the first birthday after marriage. Here are the suggestions for the kind of guitar to be presented for a beginner.

Best Indian acoustic guitars below 4000

Interested in buying an acoustic guitar for less than 4k? Follow the responses in this thread to get feedback on the guitars available in India for less than INR4000.
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