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The Electrical Properties Of Heart And The Regulation Of Heart Beat In Humans

In this article the electrical activities of the human heart have been described. The generation of impulse and the spread of depolarization among the various parts of heart have been described also. Control of heart beat due to the electrical activities of heart have been also written in brief. Arrhythmias and their common types are also described in this article. Heart block and its causes have been also described.

Heart Attack - Main Causes And Preventable Factors

Heart disease is a major cause of death due to heart attack. I discuss factors that cause attacks and a brief discussion of preventable factors such as tobacco addiction and stress and some other causes of heart attacks.

How to recognize a heart attack easily

What is a heart attack? What are the common symptoms of a heart attack? How to recognize a heart attack easily? Due to the over scheduled workload of the busy modern era, people in general are finding it difficult to maintain fully healthy lifestyles. Moreover, the huge amounts of stress and strain from several obligations make people prone to heart attacks. In this article, I will discuss some common signs and symptoms of a heart attack in detailed manner.

Heart disease: Its treatment with different techniques

The ‘World Heart Federation’ opine that the heart disease is rising phenomenally which will touch the alarming proportion by 2015. The spade works of a healthy heart is laid down as sooner as a child is conceived. Lack of awareness to this disease is the main reason behind the rising incidences of the heart attacks. This article attempts to throw light on the disease.

Why are heart attacks on the rise among women?

Your heart beat is the heart beat of your entire family. If your heart stops beating, death can come immediately causing much grief and sorrow to your family members. Therefore taking care of your heart is very important. Heart attack was common among men at one time but now many women are victims too. Why are heart attacks among women rising? I will talk about this in this article.

Some tips to keep heart healthy with proper diet

This article details some tips to keep safeguard against heart disease with proper dietary habit which is beneficial also for the patients who are already suffering from heart disease. Heart disease is afflicting people in great number through the world over. Keeping precautions against its incidence should be of supreme concern to us all. Follow the suggestions given in this article and live blissfully.

A girl with a golden heart

Here in this story I have given an imaginative life of a women and her daughter. The women that is there mother named Sheena; really loves her daughter kia who have recently passed away due to cancer. And now it have got really hard for her, but one gold chain with a heart pendant made her remember something that really change the way she was living. To findout what was the story wol that heart shaped pendant read on my dear friend.

How to keep a healthy heart?

Scientists opine we are healthy if our heart is well. This means to say is our heart play a vital role in keeping us in fine fetters. This is in fact the heart that keeps servicing us till breath last. The beating of heart is the proof of our liveliness. It’s therefore extremely vital to pay attention to the state of affairs of our health. Presented here in this item of writing are some tips to keep heart strong.

‘Heart Surgery’: Newer techniques and robotics has made it fully safer and easier

There has been miraculous development in the field of heart surgery of late. During the course of a few years past, whenever the topic of hear surgery was broached open, people’s mind used to be engulfed with great fears taking a gargantuan form. The string of this fear is still continued for want of awareness towards it. This article tries to remove this fear on the face of the latest developments taken place in the field of heart surgery.

What Seeks My Heart Is Heart Of Thine

"To be in love is to be in a state of perpetual anesthesia ,to mistake an ordinary young woman for a goddess".According to an eminent philosopher of medieval period-"if love does not include madness, it is not love" . In this context I want to share with the members of Indiastudychannel a poem composed by me in soliloquy. Do read it and forgive me for some parts,if any, that fail to charm you.

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