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World Heart Day observed on September 29

This article is on World Heart Day, observed on 29 th of September. Heart diseases have earned a notoriety of being cause for one third of all deaths worldwide. However as per WHO 80% of premature heart attacks and stocks are preventable. Hence World Health Day is observed since2000 by partnership of World Heart Federation and World Health Organisation to spread awareness and prepare people to take prevention ways.

Heart Attack - Main Causes And Preventable Factors

Heart disease is a major cause of death due to heart attack. I discuss factors that cause attacks and a brief discussion of preventable factors such as tobacco addiction and stress and some other causes of heart attacks.

Heart And Coronary Arteries!

Heart manages the blood circulation for the entire body. This also could be said it works like a pump house. In order to work like a pump house, heart needs energy. To fulfil this need of energy of heart, there are two main coronary arteries of the radius of a pencil. We will know some more about how wondrously the heart and its coronary arteries function keeping us alive.

Heart Attack: Causes And Preventive Methods

Heart attack is a very common disease seen in this modern and sophisticated lifestyle. Today people are so much busy with their profession and work, due to which they became very casual towards their health. The death rate due to heart attack is very high in cities and metros, as their food was very stylish and elegant. There are some causes and preventive methods to control heart attack, which mentioned in this article.

How to recognize a heart attack easily

What is a heart attack? What are the common symptoms of a heart attack? How to recognize a heart attack easily? Due to the over scheduled workload of the busy modern era, people in general are finding it difficult to maintain fully healthy lifestyles. Moreover, the huge amounts of stress and strain from several obligations make people prone to heart attacks. In this article, I will discuss some common signs and symptoms of a heart attack in detailed manner.

What Are The Risk Factors Of Heart Attack And Heart Diseases?

In this article we are discussing the risk factors of Heart attack. Sedantary lifestyle, changes in food habits, increading levels in the day to day life etc have madehuman heart more prone to heart attacks. But knowing the major risk factors of heart attack and heart diseases one can remain prepared to tacke a possible heart attack.

Heart Problems

In India more than 20 lakh people die because of heart problems every year. Till 2015 half of the world population suffering from heart diseases will be in India. The youth heart is at a high risk. How to fight against these heart problems. What to do and what not to do, everything u will find in this article.

What are the warning signs of Heart Attack?

In this article i am discussing the warning signs of Heart attacks. Quite often the early signs or of a heart attack are misunderstood as other body ailments. But when you know what are the warning signs of heart attack you can get a new chance lead a .

Is being shorter in height makes us vulnerable to heart ailments?

It is being repeatedly reported in press that people with shorter height are more susceptible to heart ailments / heart failures. This study has been reported to be funded by Finnish Foundation for Cardiovascular Research and Authors and published online in the European Heart Journal.
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