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For a better understanding of Heart Disease in Women

It is a very common concept that mostly men are involved with Heart disease. But the concept is not at all true in terms of the report of medical science. Women also may get equally affected by Heart disease. In this article, I will explain the function of the Heart, reasons of Heart disease, symptoms as well as signs of heart-failure and how it can be controlled by adopting some simple ways what women can do easily.

How The Artificial Heart Valves Have Made The Life Easier?

For the persons whose heart valves have degenerated, heart valve transplantation is a successful treatment. It has become easier now to save heart through artificial heart transplant. This article details the causes of the valves becoming non functional, when the need comes for transplantation and how the tests are conducted and what its various types are as well.

Heart disease: Its treatment with different techniques

The ‘World Heart Federation’ opine that the heart disease is rising phenomenally which will touch the alarming proportion by 2015. The spade works of a healthy heart is laid down as sooner as a child is conceived. Lack of awareness to this disease is the main reason behind the rising incidences of the heart attacks. This article attempts to throw light on the disease.

Risk Factors for Heart Diseases

Changing lifestyle and added has made people prone to heart diseases these days. They range from the young to the old. More factors are junk food, stress and sedentary lifestyle. In this article I will discuss the factors that aggravate heart diseases in people.

Are yellow patches around eyelids predictors of heart disease?

More often than not yellow patches around eyelids propel a person to report to a dermatologist for getting these patches cured. One would hardly believe that such conditions can indicate heart problems and high risk of heart attack. This resource sums up findings of a recent research in this regard

Types of Congenital Heart Diseases

This article provides the information about the types of congenital heart diseases. Congenital heart diseases are the malformations of the heart and blood vessels present at birth. Tetralogy of Fallot, transposition of the great vessels, Coarctation of the aorta (COA), Patent ductus arteriosis (PDA), Atrial septal defects (ASD), Ventricular septal defects (VSD), Pulmonary Stenosis and Aortic stenosis are the main types of congenital heart disease.

What Are The Risk Factors Of Heart Attack And Heart Diseases?

In this article we are discussing the risk factors of Heart attack. Sedantary lifestyle, changes in food habits, increading levels in the day to day life etc have madehuman heart more prone to heart attacks. But knowing the major risk factors of heart attack and heart diseases one can remain prepared to tacke a possible heart attack.

Bran May Reduce Heart Disease Risk for Type 2 Diabetes

Effects from a study looking in the May 2010 matter of Blood flow: Newspaper of the American Heart Organization, suggest that women with type 2 diabetes who consumed the majority bran had a 35% secondary risk of dying from heart disease.
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