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Heart Problems

In India more than 20 lakh people die because of heart problems every year. Till 2015 half of the world population suffering from heart diseases will be in India. The youth heart is at a high risk. How to fight against these heart problems. What to do and what not to do, everything u will find in this article.

World Heart Day observed on September 29

This article is on World Heart Day, observed on 29 th of September. Heart diseases have earned a notoriety of being cause for one third of all deaths worldwide. However as per WHO 80% of premature heart attacks and stocks are preventable. Hence World Health Day is observed since2000 by partnership of World Heart Federation and World Health Organisation to spread awareness and prepare people to take prevention ways.

Atherosclerosis: Causes, symptoms and dietary approaches

What causes atherosclerosis? What are its symptoms? What are its cures?Answers to all these queries and more details about Atherosclerosis, a medical condition in which the arteries harden and become narrow because of an excessive build-up of plaque inside the walls of the artery, are provided in this article.

Risk Factors for Heart Diseases

Changing lifestyle and added has made people prone to heart diseases these days. They range from the young to the old. More factors are junk food, stress and sedentary lifestyle. In this article I will discuss the factors that aggravate heart diseases in people.

Heart And Coronary Arteries!

Heart manages the blood circulation for the entire body. This also could be said it works like a pump house. In order to work like a pump house, heart needs energy. To fulfil this need of energy of heart, there are two main coronary arteries of the radius of a pencil. We will know some more about how wondrously the heart and its coronary arteries function keeping us alive.

Is being shorter in height makes us vulnerable to heart ailments?

It is being repeatedly reported in press that people with shorter height are more susceptible to heart ailments / heart failures. This study has been reported to be funded by Finnish Foundation for Cardiovascular Research and Authors and published online in the European Heart Journal.

Cardiac Arrhythmia: Major Heart Disorder, Its Causes And Types.

This article gives the basic knowledge about the Cardiac Arrhythmia. It is a complication that generally affects the older generation of people. Three out of four patients of Myocardial Infractions and half of those patients who are given anaesthetic generally are having some degree of Cardiac Arrhythmia. This article provides the causes and types of Arrhythmias.

Rheumatic fever: Its causes, symptoms, types and treatments

Rheumatic fever is the originator of the heart disease in childhood. Adults fear from the heart disease the most. But the heart disease can befall in the childhood too the chief cause of which is rheumatic fever. This present article deals with its ill effects, type, form and nature, diagnosis and treatment methods for your benefits.

Different ways to prevent heart diseases

You can prevent the occurrence of heart diseases by following a healthy diet regime, exercising, following certain rules at different stages of life and by controlling your cholesterol and blood pressure level. Heart diseases can be very painful to human beings and cause major problems to the body.

Types of Congenital Heart Diseases

This article provides the information about the types of congenital heart diseases. Congenital heart diseases are the malformations of the heart and blood vessels present at birth. Tetralogy of Fallot, transposition of the great vessels, Coarctation of the aorta (COA), Patent ductus arteriosis (PDA), Atrial septal defects (ASD), Ventricular septal defects (VSD), Pulmonary Stenosis and Aortic stenosis are the main types of congenital heart disease.

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