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Stevia (Chini Tulsi), A Boon From Nature For Diabetics

Stevia is a botanical plant known throughout in India as chini tulsi. This is a good source of sugar for diabetic suffering patients. This article will introduce you with this plant and also its ness in controlling diabetics. This dissertation also advises you grow it to use it or commercialise it too….

5 Major types of classification of plants

Want to learn about plant classification? Classification of plants helps to categorize them scientifically. This article explains five major types based on tissue structure, seed structure, evolution, life span and growth habits of plants along with examples.

Grow Handy Herbs As Medicines In Your Garden

As more and more people take to alternative medicines, growing herbs in one's kitchen gardens makes sense. They not only look good but also come in handy when you need a palliative. This article gives a list of some common herbs that can be grown in one's garden.

Parsley and Celery : Humble herbs to halt breast cancer

Breast cancer is a dreadful diseases. Once it is developed it becomes harder to cure it completey. As saying goes- Prevention is better than cure, counting parsley and celery as a part of your diet , has much scope for further delay of growth of tumor.

Some of the common herbs in India

This article describes some of the herbs commonly found in the trees and forests of India and even many times in your garden. Also read about how they are useful in our day to day life.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Herbal Toothpaste

There are many herbal available in the market and herbal toothpaste is also one of the product. Toothpaste is the common product in our families and we hardly care to know about the product which we are using. Herbal toothpaste is having and advantages over other commercial products. This resource contains the details about the herbal toothpaste and its advantages and disadvantages.

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