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Higher education in India – Future of arts and science

In this article we are going to see the importance of arts and science courses in higher education. In India professional courses seem to be the only courses suitable for higher education by many students and parents. This article explains the current trend and how we can make changes for a better future in the field of education.

Career after bachelor's degree in Chemical Engineering

Do you want to start your career as a Chemical Engineer? Are you searching for career opportunities in Chemical Engineering? Have a look into this article and gain more information regarding the career prospects, work profile and the job opportunities available for chemical engineering in India.

Loans from banks for higher education in India and abroad

Education is very important. For an average financially weak student to get education, educational loan is very important. The author of this article brings out some information relating to bank loans for higher education to students who wish to continue their studies in India or abroad. This article will help the student to know about the educational loan through banks.

Yash Pal Committee's Recommendations on Higher Education in India

Want to know what the Yash Pal Committee recommended for the higher education system in India? This article provides a detailed list of recommendations of the Yash Pal Committee, such as the role of a university, privatization, reforms in the curriculum, etc.

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