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Kangra in Himachal pradesh - An ancient historic city

Small ancient town Kangra is located near Dharamshala in Himachal in kangra Valley. The town has a rich history. It was ruled by Katoch rulers and also attacked by Mahmud Ghajni amny times. Raja Ranjeet Singh has also ruled the state.

Some lesser-known historical monuments of Delhi

Delhi, a historical city, frequented by tourists from India and abroad, present many well-known and little-known tourist spots. This article mentions some little-known historical monuments of the city for the benefit of the tourists interested in history.

Old age charms of old havelis of Delhi

Although Delhi has many well-known tourist spots, there are some which are not frequented by the visitors. In the present article, the author describes some old havelis of Delhi which take the visitors back to the grandeur of Mughal era and British period. Read to know more.
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