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Last Battle before Independence: Royal Indian Navy Mutiny (1946)

Have you heard about the Royal Indian Navy Mutiny? Most probably, yes. But no details are known. Nowadays the historians are giving utmost importance on this revolt in which Hindus and Muslims fought together for the last time against the Britishers. Let us know about this Revolt.

A mysterious lake and a beautiful temple which was forgotten

Have you heard about the Lonar lake? The lake was created by the impact of a meteorite. Beside the lake, there has been a magnificent Vishnu Temple. The villagers hid the temple to protect the temple from the marauders. Know the story. Read how the temple was re-discovered.

Know the amazing history of Dadra & Nagar Haveli

If we visit Dadra & Nagar Haveli, the quiet Union Territory bordering Gujarat, we are impressed by the rapid industrialization. But do we know the amazing history of the former Portuguese-ruled enclave? Read this article to know more.

Little-known facts about Sun Temple of Konark, Orissa

Konark Sun Temple is an architectural wonder of India. In this article, the author discusses many unknown and little-known facts about this grand temple. Know which rule built it and how it was destroyed. Let's ask the Government to protect this wonder.

The golden period of history of Indian budget

This article is an attempt to remember some memorable periods of the history of budget prior to independence and afterwards. Manmohan Singh presented the most memorable budget until now in 1991. He had started the process of liberalization rolling.

A Detailed Review on the History of India

This article is all about our nation which covers the various stages from that of the past to the present. I have stated all the important aspect of our country and have given short description about them in my article. I think this would definitely help you to know about the past of our great Nation India.

Lagaan - One Of The Greatest Movie Of All Times In The History Of Indian Cinema

The following article talks about a great Indian movie Lagaan which not only went on to become a big hit in India & abroad but also gave international recognition to Indian movies by becoming only the third Indian movie which was nominated for Oscar awards of USA which are considered to be the most prestigious awards of the world.

History of indian stock market

The Indian stock market have a 200 years old history.In 18 century east India company was dominant institution and by end of the century business.
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