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Mukesh Ambani's new house Antilia

India's richest person Mukesh Ambani is ready to move into his 27 story new mansion "ANTILIA". This would be tallest house of any individual in the city and can be seen from any direction from a distance.

Top 7 Tips before buying a house

Are you planning to buy a house or flat? If you are going to invest your hard-earned money for a new house or flat you must check certain things first before taking the final decision. This article provides useful checklist and tips for home buyers.

Essay on Housewives vs Career women

This article provides an interesting insight into the debate of who is more contented of the two categories amongst married women: Home makers and working women. Which group is fully contented in playing its respective role?

Common steps for fire safety in residential house and commercial complex

A natural or human-caused origin of fire incidents may be devastating especially in populated urban or sub-urban areas. Every occupants of residential houses and commercial complexes should be well aware of the common causes of home fire along with all safety and emergency rescue measures in initial stage of fire to save life and property.

Effects of colors painted inside and outside the houses

This article describes about the effects of colours which are used to paint houses from inside and outside as well. Read to know the colour of entrance and reception room, use of fluorescent colours and other related information.

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