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Top 11 home cleaning tips for all seasons

To remain healthy and hygienic, the house where we stay must be extremely neat and clean. If we fail to keep our houses clean, it may be due to improper or incomplete cleaning. Read this article to know the top eleven tips for house cleaning tips for all seasons especially summer, rainy, winter and spring in India. These important cleaning tips can help to keep your house sparkling as ever and make you feel just healthy and secure.

Tips to keep your house cool in the hot summer season

Since recent times, the summer seasons are becoming unbearably scorching hot. In such times, it is very essential to keep your house as cool as possible with a few tricks and wise decisions. Read this article to know some tips that will help you to keep the house cool in the hot summers.

Buying an apartment? Here is what you should know

Buying an apartment is perhaps the biggest investment you will make. It can involve taking of loans and/or putting all your savings into the project. Make sure you do it right. You do not want to buy something that will give you sleepless nights. Take a look at this guide on things to check before buying a house/apartment.

Polyhouse - Advantages, types and cost of Polyhouse farming

Why Polyhouse farming is getting more importance now? What are the advantages of Polyhouse farming? How much it cost to set up a Polyhouse? Whether Polyhouse farming brings more yields? What is the difference between Polyhouse and Greenhouse? These are the main questions asked related to Polyhouse farming. Through this article I am trying to give answers to these questions. Polyhouse farming is one of the widely accepted methods in agriculture.

Best tips on applying for Householders Insurance policy

There is no place like home. It is a place where your memories and investments lie. One of the most valued possessions where you had put in your hard earned money, entire lives savings, to buy that one house. So go ahead and protect not just your home but also the belongings inside it from unforeseen calamities. In this article I have tried to explain about home insurance popularly known as Householders Insurance Policy or Householders Package Policy.

How to choose a suitable house on transfer to a new place in job?

House hunting and choosing a suitable house becomes a Herculean task when one is transferred from one place to another in business and job. As not all get the staff quarters, how to choose and get a suitable house to live in the new place is a big question to such employees. That makes people hate transfers. In this article author gives helpful guidelines on how to choose and get a suitable house. This article is useful for those who are on orders of transfer or liable to be transferred.

Lovely decors for our house through recycled products

Home is a heavenly place. Families happiness and the wealth does not depend on the space of the house whether small or big. It all about how we arrange the things and plan the house. The décor items can be purchased and also handmade. Buying a product may not be easier for some people but decorating the house with the things we have save our expense in a better way. Recycling the waste products in to a new product is the best way that help us to build confidence and creativity.

Tips to stay fit and healthy for Indian housewives

Are you an Indian housewife finding yourself stocking up weights that you do not know how to get rid of? Read these healthy lifestyle tips to stay fit and healthy without burning a hole in your purse for gym or weight reducing pills and avoid their side effects.

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