How can students in IITs make part time income?

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Author: DR.N.V. Srinivasa Rao      Post Date: 06 May 2023        
The days are changing. Many chances will be available for a person if he really wants to avail them. The stronger the desire, the higher the chances. I always feel. These days many students from IITs are making some money while they are doing their degree.

1. Giving coaching to JEE aspirants: My brother's son did his B Tech from an ITI. He used to go to the coaching centre near his institute and used to take classes for the students who are taking coaching for JEE. He says many students are making money in this way. He also said that some students will work as a doubt clearer. They will not teach the class. But he will clear the doubts raised by the students. These people may be getting less amount but it is a little easy job.

2. Tuitions: There are some people who want to engage the students of IIT for teaching subjects to their children and these tuitions will be one-to-one and the charges will be high also. This is online interaction. So students from any place can contact them. But some known sources should be there. I tried to arrange online tuition for one known girl aspiring for JEE. But it could not work out as the expectations are not matching.

3. Blogging: A student from IIT can create a blog and write articles and other important topics. How to prepare for JEE, what are the tips and other related articles that may attract many people and it may become a source of income.

4. Internships: This is one way of getting some income. IIT students will take up some projects during vacation. These may be in coding or any other field. During my career in a factory, we have given a two-month project to a student and we paid him once he successfully completed the project.

5. Youtube channel: These days youtube is becoming a big attraction for all. Anybody can make some videos and post them here. Students from IITs are very wise and they can make short videos on varied subjects and post them here. They may get income based on the quality of the video.

6. Helping startups: Many startups are coming these days. Some of these are trying to get the help of some bright students and offering them good amounts. If the start up is successful, the students may get some shareholdings in that unit.
Author: Dhruv      Post Date: 30 May 2023        
Students at IITs, NITs or any other engineering college can earn a part-time income in many ways. Some of these are,

  • Teaching Assistant - A Teaching Assistant or TA is one of the best methods to earn a part-time income in your college. Students from 2nd year onwards are mostly kept as Teaching Assistants by the Professors at these colleges. As a TA you will be helping the professor in checking the assignments done by the students or helping them with projects and at times taking up classes. How much you get paid depends upon the department and the type of work being undertaken. There are instances, where only the senior year students get paid. Even without being paid, it is worth the experience to work as a TA as they come useful during internship and placement interviews.

  • Internship - Internships are the best way to earn a part-time income while you are studying at your college. Does not matter whether you are on vacation or not, with the advent of online working, you can do an internship even when the classes are on. For those inclined towards coding and programming, it is very easy to seek an internship at startups and other software firms. At IIT Hyderabad, I have seen students taking internship offers even from the 3rd semester itself. These internships provide flexible work timings and the students can work online, thus not affecting their studies much. However, not many students take up these internship offers when their classes are on, as it at times affects their studies. So it is mostly during vacation time that most of the students take up internships. At IITs, there is no limit to how much a student can earn through an internship. There have been instances that I know, of offers equivalent to Rs 2 lakh a month and international offers of even Rs 11 lakh a month.

  • Projects works - At IITs, one can always see many projects being taken up by the institute in collaboration with industries, PSUs, Defence forces and so on. These projects provide a valuable opportunity for students to work part-time and earn a stipend. At times it is the company with whom the collaboration is done pays the stipend and at other times, the IIT or the professors themselves pay the students. So one can gain a continuous trickle of money through these project works that are also very useful in the sense that you get hands-on practical experience while at college itself.

Apart from the above three, there are many other modes for earning a part-time income for college students. Some of these are taking online tuitions, checking assignments of students, blogging, content writing, hosting a YouTube channel and so on. However, the roles of Teaching Assistant, Internships and Project Work are activities that add value to your studies as well as place you in good stead during the placement rounds.
Author: Dev Arora      Post Date: 06 May 2023        
If you are an IIT student or not even IIT and studying in any of the colleges, here are some tips that you can follow to earn and cover your expenses. This would not only add some more skills to you but you can also add these to your CV which would increase its weight and make you more valuable. So let us discuss some ways to make part-time income:

  • Content creation:This is prevailing at a faster pace nowadays. If you are innovative and have the zeal to do something on your own, then you can choose the path to content creation. Initially, this is for part-time, but in future, if you excel in it then you can choose it as whole time and earn a healthy amount. Content creation is an art. First, for this, you have to analyze your interest, then you have to analyze your customers i.e. whether there is appropriate demand for your content and lastly platform you are choosing for your content creation.

  • Internships:If you are a college student, then you can work on some summer internships or some remote internships which you can do after your college hours. These internships are very helpful to give you practical experience, as well as you can add these to your CV and at last can earn on your own. If you are worried about how to get such internship opportunities, then you can try some online portals which are specific to the job posting.

  • Freelancing:Freelancing is prevailing nowadays. If you are a computer science student and have good hands-on coding or such skills, then you can look for some online assignments available which pay a handsome amount after completion of the work assigned. Also, other students having good writing skills can try such writing assignments.

  • Joining some Ed-tech: Various Ed-techs invite contributions from students as well as professionals. This can be either creation of student-friendly notes, answering queries available online or just adding new questions to their portal. You can choose your subject expertise and work with them on a part-time basis.

  • Startups:If you are students having a mind of an entrepreneur, then you can work on some startups. This would not yield fruits too early but it would be the most beneficial for your future as it depicts your creativity, leadership as well as innovation.

  • Contributing on some open online platforms:There are various online platforms available where you can add your contributions on a part-time basis and earn. These have the highest flexibility as you don't have to maintain continuity when you have a load of studies or college assignments. You can try some websites for such learn and earn opportunities such as ISC.

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