How can we motivate children to take interest in studies?

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Author: Umesh      Post Date: 10 Jul 2023           
Motivating and inspiring children toward studies is not an easy job. Many parents struggle a lot for this but fail to do so. The main reason for this is that children will not be able to focus on any work whether it is study or play or other activity. Their minds will flip from one thing to another and they will not be focussed on one particular activity.

In such a situation, parents have to provide a conducive environment in which parents will also have to involve themselves in some of the activities especially related to studies so that there is continuous monitoring.
One important point is that textbooks should not become a source of stress or headache to the child and he should not become conscious of it and should take it as one of the activities only.

Parents cannot use forceful techniques to force their children towards their studies. The child will do it only when he finds an interest in it. There are no sure-shot methods for inducing interest for studies in a child but experts suggest some methods for it and some of the time-tested and popular techniques and tips are as follows.

1. Controlling the distraction - this is of utmost importance because children generally tend to stop doing one activity and jump to another. That is nothing but a distraction. Whatever activity the child is attempting he has to focus and concentrate in that so that he develops his power of concentration and the same would be used during study hours also.

2. Every child wants appreciation - Whenever a child does a good job or does an activity successfully then parents have to appreciate and motivate him. Parents must use this channel as much as possible.

3. Participation of parents - Parents have to spend time with the child to check what he is studying and whether doing the homework properly or not. This is very essential because many children develop a habit of ignoring it and that affects their performance in the examinations.

4. Playing and fun activities - Study is of prime importance but the child should get exposure and sufficient time for playing and fun activities with other children of his age in the surrounding area. Sports and games are always a good break after which they can go back to their studies.

5. Taking advantage of new technology - Given a choice, children would like to surf the internet and use the mobile device for that activity uninterruptedly. Parents have to guide them to go to various sites where useful study material and new techniques and applications are available for making the study a pleasant experience. Children are always attracted to these things and learn a lot during the process.
Author: Ramya      Post Date: 06 Jul 2023        
Here are some tips to motivate children to take an interest in studies:

1. Make learning fun and interactive by using educational games, online learning platforms, and puzzles. Give them real-life examples of what they are studying.
2. Ask the child to set goals, ask them to breakdown the larger goals into smaller and celebrate their progress when they complete their goals.
3. Ensure that their study area is comfortable, well-lighted, and free from any distractions like Television, Mobiles, etc. Organize their study area with books, whiteboards, stationery, etc.
4. Allow the children to make decisions, by letting them choose which subject or topics they want to study first. This makes them more likely to be motivated to study.
5. Give rewards and incentives to motivate them when they complete tasks or achieve goals. Rewards can be in the form of special outings, extra playtime, or small treats.
6. Offer your guidance and support to the child when needed, listen to their ideas, and make them engage in discussions.
7. Avoid focusing on grades, instead explain to them the importance of learning.
8. Encourage your child to study with their friends or classmates.
Author: Neelam      Post Date: 04 Jul 2023        
Children can be motivated to study through interesting games related to study, like games related to solving map puzzles, dictionary-related and spelling-related games, and placards with pictures of various things to remember.
Children get interested towards drawing, colours, and clay-like soft objects. Using these things, they can be taught about various things. This is why playschool has so many fun toys so that can they can learn about new things. These days parents rely too much on technology and leave kids with youtube videos thinking they will be enough for a child to learn, which are in reality of no help instead, they just reduce the attention span of a child who keeps on scrolling through new videos. Thus parents should be more involved in their child's activity while he/she is learning something new, even if it is through youtube videos.
In the initial learning years of a child placards, charts with pictures, and soft toys and objects made of clay and models of various things come very handy to teach a child.
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