How does the use of Hindi language promote national unity in India?

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Author: Geeta      Post Date: 11 Apr 2023        
The use of Hindi language plays an important role in promoting national unity in India.

Hindi is the official language of the Indian government and is spoken by a significant percentage of the population. It is also widely used in the media, education, and commerce. By promoting the use of Hindi, the Indian government seeks to create a sense of national identity that transcends regional and linguistic differences.

Jyotiba Phule, a social reformer and thinker of the 19th century, advocated for the use of Hindi as a means of promoting national unity. Phule recognized the power of language in shaping identity and believed that a common language could bring people together and bridge cultural divides.

Virat Kohli, the captain of the Indian cricket team, is another prominent figure who has spoken out in favor of promoting Hindi. Kohli has emphasized the importance of embracing the diversity of Indian culture while also recognizing the need for a shared language to promote unity and understanding.

By promoting the use of Hindi, figures like Jyotiba Phule and Virat Kohli are helping to build a sense of national identity that transcends linguistic and cultural differences. While there are many languages spoken in India, Hindi serves as a unifying force that helps to promote a sense of shared identity and purpose.

By embracing Hindi and other languages, India can continue to build a strong and diverse national community that celebrates its rich cultural heritage while also working together towards a brighter future.
Author: Drupad Madhavan      Post Date: 12 Apr 2023        
I'm totally against the idea of using Hindi as a language to promote national unity in India. I can attribute this distaste for the language due to my experiences with it throughout my school life. I studied at Kendriya Vidyalaya where we were compelled to talk in Hindi and this initiated a sense of alienness in me towards this language. Being far away from the Capital of the Nation and still being coerced to talk in a particular language to portray nationalism and a sense of unity didn't sit well with me. Did this mean that some people considered Malayalam and other local languages as languages that are unequal to Hindi?

I still have regrets about the fact that in forced to study Hindi, I had no courses to study Malayalam in my school and still struggle with reading and writing my own language. I feel that people should have the freedom to learn and express matters in their own language.

National Unity doesn't limit itself to a language! Of course, the language helps, but don't you feel that you would feel more at home if people accepted you as you are and not on the basis of some lingo you exercise? I hope that people realize this soon, that what matters more than a language is the ideology and ideas that make a nation.
Author: Raveena Madhubalan      Post Date: 25 Apr 2023        
The use of the Hindi language is an integral part of promoting national unity in India. It is the official language of the country and is often seen as a symbol of national pride. For example, in the North of India, where Hindi is spoken widely, it gives people a sense of identity, binding them to the nation.

Beyond this, Hindi is also a great way to bridge the gap between Indians of different backgrounds. With its long written tradition, it has absorbed and assimilated words from all over the Indian subcontinent — from the local vernaculars of Gujarat to the Sanskrit language. This blending of different communities and dialects allows people to communicate with each other more easily, creating a sense of unity.

Moreover, Hindi is also taught and spoken in schools, colleges, and universities throughout India, which means that even if someone's first language is a regional one, they will still know how to communicate in the language of the nation. This helps in promoting communal goodwill, which is fundamental for establishing a sense of national unity and cohesion.

For me, using Hindi in everyday life has been a wonderful experience — from speaking with family and friends to reading literature, watching movies, and listening to music. It helps me connect to my roots, and also to others who might be from very different backgrounds. With its inclusivity and flexibility, Hindi is a great way to bridge divides and promote unity among the people of India.
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