How to crack Microsoft interview?

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Author: DR.N.V. Srinivasa Rao      Post Date: 29 May 2023        
My brother's son did his B Tech from IIT Guwahati. He studied Computer Science engineering there. He attended a campus interview for a post in Microsoft and he was successful. He was posted in Hyderabad. I interact with him regularly. Once he narrated to me, his interview experience with Microsoft.

He told me that there were 5 rounds. The first round was an aptitude test and the second step was Group discussion. 3 and 4th round are technical and 5th round is HR interview.

If the interview is not a campus interview, group discussion and aptitude tests may not be there. Instead, they may call you on your mobile and talk to you initially to know about you. In this call, they may ask you some general questions like.

1. Why do you want to join Microsoft?

2. What are your functions in the present role?

3. What is your career plan?

If he gets satisfied you can go to the next stage of interviews. Based on the position, there will be 2 or 3 technical interviews.

Mostly you will be getting questions about your role and responsibility in the present organisation and what are the various projects you have worked and which of them is the most challenging and why? The answers should be clear and reasonable. Once you are through again you may have an HR round to finalise your salary structure etc and an offer will be made to you.

Whether it is a campus interview or an interview for any senior role, the following points are to be followed.

1. Before attending the interview go through the website of the company and know about the company well. It will be useful to you to ask them questions about their company. The company official will be happy to note that you have an interest in the company and that is why you are asking those questions.

2. Ask for clarifications if you have any doubts or are not able to understand the question properly. Don't answer questions without understanding them properly.
3. Be assertive and show your enthusiasm to answer the questions asked by them. That will be a positive approach and officers will get impressed.

4. When the interviewer is asking questions, never interrupt. Let him complete and then you start answering or clarifying your doubts. Interruption in between may not be liked by many people.

5. You should be technically sound and you should prepare well before attending the interview. You may face questions in the related fields including coding etc. Don't guess the answers. Be sure of your answer and you should be able to convince them that your answer is the correct answer.

6. Ask some of your friends to conduct mock interviews and attend them. If you know anybody who is working in Microsoft or who attended an interview in this company talk to them and know their interview experiences.

7. Never be nervous. Be confident.

The above points are gathered from my brother's son. He worked at Microsoft for about 6 years and recently he joined Google. Bangalore.
Author: Aliasgar      Post Date: 29 May 2023        
Cracking a Microsoft interview requires thorough preparation and a solid understanding of the company's culture and expectations. While it is impossible to guarantee success, the following guidelines will help you navigate the process and increase your chances of performing well in a Microsoft interview.

1) Research and understand Microsoft: Start by familiarizing yourself with Microsoft's products, services, and the latest industry trends. Explore the company's mission, values, and culture to align your knowledge and goals with theirs. Additionally, research the specific role and team you are interviewing for to gain insights into the skills and qualities they seek in candidates.

2) Strengthen your technical skills: Microsoft places a significant emphasis on technical expertise. Review and reinforce your knowledge in relevant areas such as computer science fundamentals, algorithms, data structures, and system design. Stay updated with the latest advancements in the field, especially those relevant to Microsoft's products and technologies.

3) Practice coding and problem-solving: Microsoft interviews often include coding and problem-solving exercises. Engage in regular coding practice to improve your problem-solving abilities, algorithmic thinking, and coding efficiency. Familiarize yourself with popular coding languages such as C++, C#, or Java, depending on the role you are applying for.

4) Prepare for system design interviews: For senior technical positions, Microsoft may evaluate your system design skills. Study the fundamentals of designing scalable and reliable systems, including distributed systems, data storage, and network protocols. Practice designing solutions for real-world problems and be ready to explain your design choices and trade-offs.

5) Brush up on data structures and algorithms: Expect questions related to data structures and algorithms during your interview. Review concepts such as arrays, linked lists, trees, graphs, sorting algorithms, and dynamic programming. Understand the time and space complexities of different algorithms and know when to apply them.

6) Develop effective communication skills: Microsoft values candidates who can communicate effectively, both verbally and in writing. Practice articulating your thoughts clearly and concisely, especially when explaining technical concepts or discussing your previous work experience. Enhance your presentation skills to effectively deliver your ideas during interviews or technical presentations.

7) Demonstrate problem-solving skills: Microsoft looks for candidates who can approach complex problems with logical reasoning and creativity. Emphasize your problem-solving abilities during interviews by walking through your thinking process, considering edge cases, and suggesting multiple solutions. Showcase your ability to learn from failures and adapt your approach when faced with challenges.

8) Leverage resources and mock interviews: Utilize available resources to enhance your preparation. Explore Microsoft's careers website, online forums, and platforms like or for practice questions and interview experiences. Consider participating in mock interviews to gain feedback on your performance and identify areas for improvement.

9) Showcase your passion for Microsoft: During interviews, express your enthusiasm for Microsoft and its products. Share any relevant personal projects, open-source contributions, or experiences that demonstrate your interest in the company's mission. Emphasize how your skills align with Microsoft's goals and how you can contribute to their success.

10) Be confident and adaptable: Finally, approach the interview process with confidence while being adaptable to different interview formats and styles. Microsoft values individuals who can thrive in a dynamic and fast-paced environment, so showcase your ability to adapt to new challenges and collaborate effectively with team members.

Remember, cracking a Microsoft interview is a competitive process, and success depends on various factors beyond your control. Focus on continuous learning, improve your skills, and stay positive throughout the journey. Good luck
Author: Ramya      Post Date: 14 Jul 2023        
To crack a Microsoft interview, you require to know the qualities and skills the company is seeking from candidates and you need thorough preparation.
Here is a list of some of the tips that may help you to crack a Microsoft interview:

  • Understanding the Role
  • You have to understand the role you are applying for clearly. You must know the qualifications and specific skills Microsoft is looking for in its candidates. You need to research the requirements and responsibilities of the job role.

  • Behavioral and Soft Skills
  • Microsoft values candidates who have strong communication skills, problem-solving skills, leadership qualities, and the ability to work in teams. So prepare well to share your experiences that highlight these qualities.

  • Coding and Technical Knowledge
  • Microsoft values candidates with strong technical expertise. So, prepare yourself to showcase your knowledge of programming languages, software development methodologies, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, or any specific technologies required for the job role you have applied for. Strengthen your technical skills by working on projects, practicing coding problems, data structure questions, and algorithmic challenges. You can also use coding platforms, online resources, and practice interview questions specific to Microsoft.

  • Behavioral Interview Preparation
  • Microsoft typically conducts behavioral interviews to know whether candidates fit the company culture or not. So, prepare for questions related to conflict resolution, leadership, teamwork, challenges you have faced in the past, etc.

  • Review Microsoft Technologies and Products
  • You have to familiarize yourself with Microsoft's services, products, technologies, and recent developments. This can help you demonstrate your ability to contribute to the company effectively and also your interest to work with the company.
Remember that Microsoft's hiring process may vary depending on the level and the role, so each interview experience will be unique. Follow the tips mentioned and additionally, you can also practice mock interviews with mentors, friends, or through online platforms to enhance your skills. You can also seek guidance from former or current Microsoft employees. You should stay updated with the latest developments and trends in areas relevant to the role you are applying for to crack the Microsoft interview.
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