How to engage college going students during their free time in summer?

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Author: Hakimuddin Kuwakhedawala      Post Date: 05 May 2023        


The May and June are the two month which are vacation in almost all states and universities. This vacation is the most important time to do some creative work and to develop different types of skills for your career. You can utilize this vacation in the building up your job opportunities. I am providing some important tips to utilize this vacation in a creative manner.

Tips to utilize this vacation in creative manner

The following tips will help you to spend your vacation in a creative manner and you will be able to develop different skills which are necessary for a student to build up his career. The tips are given below:

  • You are doing undergraduate degree course hence it is the good type to do some practical work. Learn from doing is the most important thing. So, you can do internship in this vacation. It will provide knowledge to build up your career.

  • You can join some online courses to develop different skills. There are many platforms which provide paid and free courses. Choose the course of your choice and enroll yourselves in that course. Some important online platforms which provide courses are Physics Wallah, Unacademy, Udemy. etc.

  • Reading books is very necessary for college students for personality development. Now it is time to work on personality development. So, develop a habit to read the books. You can also use different apps which provide audible books and books summary. If you do not have a habit to read books, start with books summary. A book summary completes in almost 20-25 minutes. But after some days you would certainly notice the changes in yourselves.

  • If you are doing some technical course, then it is the good time to visit different places, like industry visit, visit to a constructive area, visit to relevant production units, etc. This visit will help you to understand the practical knowledge of your subject.

  • If you are a student of account, you can learn tally, or any other software used to maintain account. it is a job-oriented course and very demanding in the market. You can also get a certificate or diploma for this course.

  • Exercise is very important for a good health. So, give some time for your health and make it your routine to exercise daily. Similarly, meditation is very important to concentrate and focus on any topic. meditation and exercise are two important tools which provide energy whole the day. So, 15-20 minutes can be spent on exercise and meditation.

  • Some entertainment and relaxation are also needed for healthy life. So, provide sometimes of activities of your interest and take proper rest daily.

So, you can utilize your vacation in a creative manner by following above tips.
Author: Phagu Mahato      Post Date: 20 Apr 2023        
The free time of summer provide students with a valuable opportunity to pursue their interests, explore new activities, and gain new experiences. It can also be a time for rest and relaxation, which can be important for their overall well-being and mental health. By engaging in a variety of activities and experiences during their summer free time, students can enhance their personal growth, expand their horizons, and develop a well-rounded set of skills and experiences.
There are various ways to engage college-going students during their free time in summer. Here are some ideas:
  1. Internship/Part-time job:
  2. Encourage students to apply for internships or part-time jobs related to their fields of interest. This will help them gain practical experience and earn some money while staying productive.

  3. Volunteering:
  4. Students can volunteer at local non-profit organizations or participate in community service projects. This will help them develop their leadership and teamwork skills while making a positive impact in their communities.

  5. Online Courses:
  6. There are numerous online courses available that students can take during their free time to improve their skills and knowledge in their respective fields.

  7. Travel:
  8. Encourage students to travel to new places during their free time, either alone or with friends. This can help broaden their horizons, gain new experiences, and learn about different cultures.

  9. Hobbies:
  10. Encourage students to pursue their hobbies and interests during their free time. This can help them relax, reduce stress and improve their overall well-being.

  11. Sports and Fitness:
  12. Encourage students to participate in sports and fitness activities such as yoga, swimming, and gym workouts. This will help them stay physically active and healthy.

  13. Reading:
  14. Encourage students to read books related to their field of interest or general knowledge. This will help them improve their vocabulary, critical thinking skills, and general knowledge.
Additionally, some students may choose to use their summer free time to gain work experience through internships or part-time jobs. This can help them build skills and gain practical experience in a particular field, which can be beneficial for their future career prospects.

Overall, engaging college-going students during their free time in summer is a great way to help them stay productive, gain new experiences, and develop new skills and interests.
Author: DR.N.V. Srinivasa Rao      Post Date: 20 Apr 2023        
When I was doing my college, I used to stay away from my parents and grandparents. So when the college closed for summer vacation I used to go to my native place and from there to my grandparent's place. My brothers and sisters and cousins also used to come to our grandparent's place and we used to spend time playing games.

But the same can't be followed by the present-day students and they may not even like the same. I think. There are many ways to engage them and again that depends on the financial status of the parents and the family.

1. In our village, there was a very rich man and he had two sons. Their family used to go on international trips for 15 to 20 days during the summer. Otherwise, they used to go to some domestic destination to enjoy their life. So travelling is one of the important ways to spend summer vacation.

2, These days everywhere we are seeing tough competition and getting a job depends completely on the skill set of the individual. Summer holidays are an opportunity for the student to get into an institution and to get one or two certification courses which will make him improve his qualifications. So getting trained in some important skills is another way of summer vacation.

3. We are hearing about summer camps that are being conducted by many colleges and schools. Students can join those summer camps.

4. These days internships are becoming very important for a student to get hands-on experience. Many organisations and institutions are offering these internships. There are some online internships also. Utilising them and getting certificates will be useful to a student to make his resume much more attractive, I feel.

5. It is a good time during summer vacation to improve the language skills of a student. The student can study privately and appear for the examination. For example. Dakshina Bharat Hindi Prachars Sabha is conducting examinations and offering degrees that are useful to work as a Hindi teacher.

6. Students can also utilise this time for preparing for competitive examinations by attending coaching institutes.

7. I know some students who are utilising this time to earn some money by working part-time in some private establishments. That will be useful for them to earn some money as well as to get some experience also.

These are some useful ways to engage college-going students during summer vacation as far as I am concerned.
Author: Drupad Madhavan      Post Date: 21 Apr 2023        
I feel that college life is an essential and influential time in one's life. The experiences that one goes through during their college days influence the person they are to become during its end. I was actually sad during the summertime as I had to come back home and would miss all my friends. However, coming back home meant getting to eat mom's homemade food every day and the best part was doing nothing... for a while at least!

Summertime meant possibilities - of having adventures with your friends every day. Almost everyone is free and has nothing to do but is urging to do something! I can help you by suggesting some things I did during my university summer sem breaks and I wish I could but was unable to due to personal circumstances -

* Join an internship - Try to apply for internships in your field and this will help you to learn more about your future career as well as fix a path for yourself. It will also help you make connections in the field and will help you spend your time efficiently. At the end of the day, more than anything, it brings you a lot of friends and what more could you hope for?

* Keep yourself fit - As we all know, staying at home with nothing to do can be good for a while, but too much of anything is bad for your health! Get a hobby to keep yourself fit, join the neighbourhood gym, go for walks and runs, start cycling, and play sports with your friends. Make sure you keep yourself active.

* Learn a skill - Be it any skill such as origami or even flinging a yo-yo. It doesn't have to be anything useful. Focus your energy on anything and try to perfect it. It's the regiment that matters and once you've built yourself a personal regiment, you can implement this anywhere and everywhere in your life.

* Get a library membership: Get a library membership asap! A healthy must expand in healthy parameters. Learn more and read more. Spend more time at the library and get to know yourself more through books!

* Watch good movies

* Spend quality time with your friends and family- travel together, play games together, and make memories that matter.

I hope you'll have a great summer ahead. Have fun!
Author: Raveena Madhubalan      Post Date: 20 Apr 2023        
As a college student, I understand how vital it is to make the most of our summer vacation time. During my own summer vacations, I've discovered that participating in fun activities that get me out of the house and help me make the most of my spare time is the greatest way to spend my time.

Participating in outdoor activities has been one of the most pleasurable activities I've done during my summer breaks. I've taken advantage of the wonderful weather and the great outdoors by going on hikes and camping trips. This is not only a terrific opportunity to get some exercise and explore nature, but it is also a great chance to meet new people and socialize in a relaxed setting.

Taking up a hobby is another fantastic activity I've done throughout my summer breaks. From learning a new language to painting, I've discovered that engaging in a creative endeavor keeps my mind engaged and gives me a sense of success. Furthermore, because there are many online forums and meet-up groups dedicated to these hobbies, they are often a terrific way to connect with others.

Finally, I've discovered that volunteering over my summer vacation is a terrific way for me to give back to my community while still doing something worthwhile. Whether it's assisting at a local food bank or volunteering at a soup kitchen, I've discovered that giving back to my community while also having fun can be a terrific way to spend my summer vacation.

Overall, there are lots of ways to engage college students during their free time in the summer. From outdoor activities to taking up a hobby to volunteering, there are plenty of ways to make the most of our free time and still have a great time.
Author: Geeta      Post Date: 20 Apr 2023        
I remember when my daughter was in junior college. Her college management came up with many activities. I still remember some of them. There are several ways to engage college students during their free time in the summer. Sharing with you few of them.

1. Summer internships: Encourage students to pursue internships in their field of study or areas of interest. Internships provide practical experience and can help students build their resumes.

2. Volunteer work: Students can also volunteer for various causes and organizations. This helps them gain new skills and experiences while giving back to the community.

3. Travel: Encourage students to travel during the summer, either within the country or internationally. This provides opportunities for cultural immersion and personal growth.

4. Enroll in summer classes: Colleges often offer summer courses that students can take to get ahead in their studies or explore new subjects.

5. Join clubs and organizations: Many colleges have clubs and organizations that students can join. Encourage students to find clubs that align with their interests and participate in their activities.

6. Learn a new skill: Students can use their free time in the summer to learn new skills, such as a new language, a musical instrument, or a sport.

7. Work part-time: Students can also work part-time during the summer to earn money and gain work experience.

There are many ways to engage college students during their free time in the summer. Encouraging students to pursue their interests, gain practical experience, and explore new opportunities can help them grow both personally and professionally.
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