How to keep your child away from watching too many movies?

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Author: DR.N.V. Srinivasa Rao      Post Date: 24 May 2023        
We all know that parents are the first teachers of their children. Children learn by seeing and observing also. They learn from their parents and grandparents in their house by observing them. So the first and foremost important point is parents should practice and then only preach.

If a father watches pictures regularly on TV in the house and asks his children not to see them, the child may not listen to him. When you are seeing them, the child also wants to watch them. So, a father should stop watching movies when his children are with him. The same is the case with the mother also. When children went to school or when they are sleeping parents can watch movies but not when the children are with them.

These days we are seeing many people getting glued to their smartphones. They spend a lot of time on social media which is being observed by the children and they also start seeing mobile phones. Parents say it is not good to watch. A smart child may ask back if it is not good why are you watching the same, Dad? So parents should stop watching social media and start spending time with their children. Many times when parents are busy, to avoid disturbance they give smartphones to children and that will make the children addicted to these phones. So parents should minimise their time with smartphones and in the presence of children they should stop playing games or watching videos on phones.

Children should be encouraged to play some games and sports. Every day some time should be allocated for that. They should be allowed to go and play with their friends or some elders should accompany them and make them play. That will make the child interested in games.

Every child will have some interest in some activity. My elder granddaughter always has an interest in drawing and painting. So we gave her all the required support and whenever she is having some free time she will start painting. The second granddaughter is having a lot of interest in dancing. So, we arranged dance classes for her. Both spend their time on those activities. So, parents should understand the interests of their children and encourage them to work in that field. Then they will never show interest in waste activities.

Occasionally allowing them to watch a movie is no problem. But we should have a watch on them and if we feel that they are spending a lot of time on watching movies we should see that they will get diverted from that by allowing them to go for their interested activity like painting, singing or dancing etc.

Generally, many parents force their children to study always. They never get time to relax. That will make them dislike studies. So we should see that children will get from free time and do some other activity in which they are interested.

By taking the above-mentioned steps we can see that children will not watch movies regularly.
Author: Dr. Sanchita Ranjan      Post Date: 24 May 2023        
Children are observers of their parents. They always copy their parents in all activities like talking, eating, behaving, sleeping, etc. If children are doing wrong that means parents may have done wrong in the past. In my family, I noticed that they copy their parents in every activity. So, first parents need to be alert. Parents have to maintain discipline then the child would follow. Parents should not watch bad movies in front of children. Only crying over children is not a good option to stop them from watching movies. In today's digital world keeping children away from a screen is a big challenge for parents. Smartphones are becoming essential tools of learning for children nowadays. Children have sensitive minds they catch things very fastly. So, the parents should be practical.

These days most of parents have addicted to smartphones. In such a situation It is very difficult for us to keep away children from smartphones as parents are watching mobile phones. So, make a timetable for every activity. As your child are addicted to watching too many movies. So, this might not be easy at first. Encourage your kids to pursue other interests during this time such as drawing, reading, or playing a board game. Life should be balanced. Kids should be allowed to do activity timely. Parents should play an important role in the children's activities. Parents should spend time with their children. Sometimes, they should go for an outing with children. Talk with children in your free time. Kids should get involved in reading religious stories. Only then children would be disciplined in the future.
Author: Dinesh Sood      Post Date: 06 Jun 2023        
Television is a major requirement for everyone, but excess and addiction are harmful to children. I am giving hereunder some details about how to keep the child away from watching too many movies on television.

1. As a parent you need to take tough decisions for the well-being of your kids take the decision and explain to them not to watch too many movies.

2. Give some extra time to Kids you need to play with them and go to the playground or play indoor educational games so that the mind of kids diverted from movies to other healthy games.

3. You can provide some other resources to kids i.e. drawing books, painting, and books to read on the basis of the interest of the child.

4. You need to get at least one major meal with all members of the family so that your children. This habit will keep your child getting time with family and can help to avoid watching excess movies.

5. Try to remove the television from the bedroom of the children.

6. If your child watches movies on a smartphone. Then you use the limited data pack for the mobile service provider.

Every child has his own interests and support your child to encourage him to fulfill his dreams.

These are some steps to keep away your child from watching too many movies.
Author: Umar      Post Date: 23 May 2023        
Children nowadays are more addicted to smartphones and other electronic gadgets which not only waste their precious time but also affect their health badly. Children are more intact with online gaming like pubG and remain glued to their smartphones watching movies.

Children are very sensitive, if parents have provided them with gadgets they are using to watch movies or play games, it is a bit difficult to stop them from using smartphones and develop among them a sense of responsibility. At an early stage, it is not good to give children smartphones when they can't judiciously use them.

However, children can be encouraged to play sports like cricket, football, tennis or any other game that fascinates them. Encourage them to play indoor sports and involve them in the social gathering in your family and play with each other. Visit your relatives along with your children and allowing them to mingle with other children would also help minimize movie addiction in your children.
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