How to start with the preparation for NEET when your kid is in High school?

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Author: DR.N.V. Srinivasa Rao      Post Date: 14 Sep 2023        
It is always good to start preparing for the NEET examination from the 8th class. But at the same time, you should not neglect your regular studies. These days there are many corporate schools that have started teaching keeping in mind the needs of NEET examination. NEET foundation classes) from 8th class. So it is better to get the child admitted to such a school.
The following are some of the points the students should start practising from the 8th class itself,

1. Never mug up the subject. Understand the concept well. Don't read but study and try to understand the concept well.
2. Daily after coming home from school, you should spend some time on your studies. Every day some time should be spent on studies. No Sundays or no holidays. Once you start this studying will become a habit for you and you can increase time and start studying for long hours.
3. Start practising various formulas and calculations. Daily practise some calculations. So that you will get accustomed to calculations with speed and accuracy.
4. Try to analyse the issues instead of following what is given in a book. Analytical reasoning is very important. Analysing the issues and understanding the logic behind the theories will make you understand the subject well.
5. There will be different routes to solve a problem. Practise all these different methods so that you will get acquainted with various routes for solving the problems.
6. Spend some time solving some quizzes and puzzles. This will enhance your thinking abilities.
7. one should focus and concentrate on the subject that is being studied. Without focus, if we spend a lot of time the output may be not in proportion to the time we have spent,
8. It is good to study NCERT books. These books will cover maximum points that are useful for your NEET examination.
9. You will get some coaching materials outside as Guides for NEET preparation. Following them from the 8th class itself is very good and will be useful. It will help the individual to understand the pattern of questions and the answering methods.
10. Concentrate on science subjects and give more emphasis to solving questions that are available in the NCERT books.
11. The National Science Olympiad is known to almost all the students. Attempt and attend these olympiads.
12. Concentrate more on basics and try solving problems on these basics.
13. Parents should start giving some multiple-answer questions and make their children solve them.
14. Always better to choose a good coaching centre and joining is very essential.
15. Old NEET papers can be obtained and the questions from the syllabus that are already covered can be attempted so that the subject will be understood properly.

The above points are very important and if we start practising them from the 8th class itself chances of getting a good rank in NEET are very high
Author: Sheo Shankar Jha      Post Date: 21 Sep 2023        
The question is really challenging to many parents whose children are in the high school stage and the parents would like to see their kids emerging successfully in the NEET test conducted by the CBSE.

Initially, it might appear that preparation for the ensuing Medical Test through the NEET platform during their studies in the high schools is, too, early since they would have enough time to go through the entire syllabus of NEET once they enter class eleven with the science stream including Physics, Chemistry, Biology of any recognised university for their smooth presentations of NEET. However, the parents are not mistaken if they take the following precautions while their children are still in high school and want to see that their kids score the NEET test with impressive rankings. The following are the useful tips -

1) The parents should develop a healthy relationship at the first instance so that their kids listen to their parents patiently. The relationships sometimes become cold due to over engagement of the parents with their occupations and other activities having less scope for the normalisation of relationships with their own children.

2) Encourage your child to maintain a competitive attitude during their studies since a mediocre student does not have enough time to improve in their studies and cannot sail through this tough test.

3) Irrespective of the pattern being followed in their high schools such as the CBSE Board, ISC Board or the State Board of the different states, the students should be advised to follow the books of the CBSC pattern for the preparation for the NEET test.
4) The aspirants should go through the textbooks of Physics, Chemistry and Biology of the CBSE pattern religiously to understand the basics provided in such books. They must read these books multiple times till the basics are fully understood in their present classes.

5) If the students are regularly getting guidance from a reputed coaching institution such as the Akash, Resonance, Narayan Academy, Toppers Academy, Allen Career Institute etc. for their guidance apart from their course materials on a regular basis followed by the evaluation of the mock test papers from the ends of the coaching instruction, it could boost the confidence of the kids. Attending the online classes of such an institute would not disrupt their normal studies of the schools.

6) The kids should not be overstressed with the frequent guidance in relation to the preparation of the NEET test. The environment of the family should be calm and conducive for the sustenance of their studies.
Author: Dr. Sanchita Ranjan      Post Date: 23 Sep 2023        
NEET is a highly competitive medical entrance exam in India for admission to undergraduate medical and dental courses in various government and private medical colleges across the country. NEET is a very tough exam and is very difficult to crack. I think it would be a prudent decision to start preparation from an early age.

NEET exam contains questions from three subjects: Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. Knowing the topics, candidates can make an effective study plan to clear their concepts. Making the study plan is not enough, candidates must follow it daily. To prepare for NEET from high school, candidates must prepare a perfect timetable that will help them to divide the NEET syllabus. The NEET timetable must be prepared in such a way that candidates can provide an equal proportion of time for each subject. Following the study plan will help aspirants maintain proper discipline in their daily study time and also prepare them to crack NEET with a good rank.

Always keep in mind that starting early preparation for NEET is beneficial, but consistency and dedication is the key. As you know, the NEET syllabus is very vast and candidates require time to complete it. Thus, it is best to prepare for NEET from Class 10, so that they will get sufficient period for better preparations. Once an aspirant completes one topic, subject, or chapter, he/she must keep on revising after a certain period.
Some points are listed below which need to be followed:-

1. Work on your calculations in terms of accuracy and speed. Try to be accurate as well as fast.
2. Improve your analytical skills.
3. Solve puzzles and riddles.
4. Build up your concentration in studies.
5. Attempt mock tests and try answering question banks.

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