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Online course on Certified Cyber Warrior V3.0 from IIT Madras Digital Skills Academy

Desirous of learning tricks and tools to prevent cyber-attacks and thus prevent cyber adversaries from harming your organization's IT environment? Learn here about the Certified Cyber Warrior V3.0, a 14-week long online course from IIT Madras Digital Skills Academy that trains you on various skills in winning battles against cyber adversaries.

Online BSc Degree Program in Programming and Data Science by IIT Madras

This article is on the online BSc program on Programming and Data Science provided by IIT Madras. This is said to be the first online degree program in this discipline. In this article, we discuss the course structure, eligibility, entry into the course, fee structure, etc. Do read on for more.

IIT Madras Summer Fellowship Program 2020

Are you in the 3rd year of your engineering studies and interested to undergo a short-term summer fellowship program in IIT Madras, the premier engineering institute in the country? Then learn here in this article, the details of the summer fellowship programme-IIT Madras.

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