When creating educational programs what is the syllabus as differentiated from the curriculum

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Author: DR.N.V. Srinivasa Rao      Post Date: 02 Aug 2023        
When we design a new course we should keep both syllabus as well as curriculum. Many of us, think that these two terms are interchangeable. But there is a difference between curriculum and syllabus, I understand.

A curriculum will have topics and subjects that are to be included in an educational program. For example, a student joining B Sc should study a minimum of three optional subjects. These subjects will be identified in the curriculum. At the same time, the syllabus covers portions of topics that are to be covered in a particular subject. The syllabus will be descriptive and will have various chapters and in each chapter what are the points to be covered will also be mentioned

For example, during my PhD, our university started a new course in the chemistry department. The course was a two years course. In preparing the curriculum my research guide took a very active part. A team of professors appointed by the university made the curriculum. In this, what are the subjects to be covered in the first year and subjects to be covered in the second year were detailed. Once the curriculum was ready the board of studies approved the same. Then a syllabus was made for each subject with detailed information on various topics to be covered and for each topic how many teaching hours also was mentioned in the syllabus. This was made by my research guide who was the then HOD of the Department. This was also sent for the board of studies approval and after their approval only the proposal for starting that new course was sent to UGC for their approval. I associated with my research guide very actively at that time.
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