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British rule in India, important events and reforms in Indian history

This article is about the important events in Indian history and the revolts and war India faced for the purpose of achieving the Independence. This article covers almost all the important events in Indian history and the important reforms that the British did during their rule in India.

Forgotten page of History: Vellore mutiny (1806)

Do you know that 51 years before the 1857 Battle for Independence, Indian soldiers rose in revolt against the British East India Company stationed at Vellore fort? They killed around one hundred British soldiers inside the fort. Let us know about this forgotten rebellion from this article.

Some lesser-known sagas of gallantry (Part-I)

Indian people are by nature peaceful. As a result, we generally don't discuss the stories of gallantry involving Indian armed forces. However, in the present day, it is very much necessary to know about our gallant soldiers. In this article, the author discusses two great soldiers of our country who were instrumental to two significant victories in 1965 and 1971.

Know about the Indian military genius Lachit Borphukan-Part-II

In this two-part article, we are discussing the gallantry and brilliant strategy of Ahom general, Lachit Borphukan, displayed against the mighty Mughal Army. In this part, the event of Battle of Sarai Ghat has been discussed. In this significant battle, Mughals and their allies suffered a humiliating defeat, which crushed their ambition to expand the Mughal kingdom at the north-east India.

My favourite teacher in school

Every student, during his/her school days, is influenced by one or more teachers. Students are influenced by the style, teaching and knowledge of their teachers. Some teachers have such powerful impact in the minds of students that they are unable to forget those teachers throughout their life. In this article, the author pays his respect to his favourite teacher in school.

Know about the Indian military genius, Lachit Borphukan-Part-I

Along with Shivaji Maharaj, Lachit Borphukan halted the military might of Emperor Auranghzeb during the later part of seventeenth century. Because of this military genius, the mighty Mughals had to suffer humiliating defeats in the eastern part of the country. But we do not know much about Lachit Borphukan. In the first part of the article, the author has discussed the life of this great strategist.

Attractions of Hampi - a wonder of ancient India

Planning a trip with friends and family to Hampi? Hampi can be a great destination this holiday season. You will get information about the ancient place Hampi which is also one among UNESCO world heritage sites. Know the historical importance of the place through this article and get details about what are the main attractions of Hampi.

400 year old Rajkot establishment of Jadeja family

This article is about many things of Rajkot city of Gujrat state. Many things of history of Rajkot are here for your knowledge. Things happened Jadeja rule, NAwab rule and British rule are much interesting. Tips about a trip will help you a lot. Many places are there for visit in Rajkot and around the city.
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