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Saga of unbelievable gallantry: Battle of Longewalla (1971) – Part-I

The Battle of Longewalla (1971) is being studied in every military college and military school in the world. Let us also know the details of this unbelievable saga of the gallantry of Indian soldiers. The author provides the details of this heroic battle in this two-part article. Read the first part.

Saga of gallantry: Lance Naik Mohan Nath Goswami, Ashok Chakra (Posthumous)

Lance Naik Mohan Nath Goswami of 9 Para (SF) was martyred on the night of 2nd-3rd September, 2015 in J&K fighting terrorists during heavy rain inside a dense forest. Till the last moments of his life, he fought the terrorists and saved his injured comrades. Know the true story of this great soldier who was awarded Ashok Chakra posthumously on 26th January, 2016.

Successful Deception in War-time: Para-dropping at Tangail (1971)

Deception has always played a major role in the victory in battles and wars. In this article, the author describes how the Pakistani Army was deceived to believe that a very large Indian force was paradropped behind their lines. Read the interesting episode of 1971.

How Indian Army personnel can complete Class 10 and 12 through NIOS distance education courses

Are you searching for secondary and senior secondary distance education programs for Army jawans? This article provides complete information about the NIOS Education Project for the Indian Army, known as NEPIA. Through contact programs at study centres, jawans and other Indian Army personnel can complete their school and junior college education. Details of the registration process and the role of the study centres have been provided as well.

Saga of gallantry: Daring overseas operation of Indian Army: Operation Khukri (Part-I)

Operation Khukri is the true story of a daring mission of Indian forces at Sierra Leone. In the unknown terrain with the rebel-infested country, Indian Army, with the active help of Indian Air Force, prove their mettle in the successful mission which is very famous in the annals of UN Peacekeeping Forces. Read this two-part article to know the gallantry of Indian soldiers.

Indian Army recruitment of ex-Armed Forces Commissioned Officers 2018

Are you an employed ex-service Officer looking for fresh career opportunities with the Indian Army? This article gives information of one such opportunity, namely joining the Territorial Army as an Officer. Details of eligibility criteria and of the application procedure have been provided.

Some lesser-known sagas of gallantry (Part-I)

Indian people are by nature peaceful. As a result, we generally don't discuss the stories of gallantry involving Indian armed forces. However, in the present day, it is very much necessary to know about our gallant soldiers. In this article, the author discusses two great soldiers of our country who were instrumental to two significant victories in 1965 and 1971.

Know about the Indian military genius Lachit Borphukan-Part-II

In this two-part article, we are discussing the gallantry and brilliant strategy of Ahom general, Lachit Borphukan, displayed against the mighty Mughal Army. In this part, the event of Battle of Sarai Ghat has been discussed. In this significant battle, Mughals and their allies suffered a humiliating defeat, which crushed their ambition to expand the Mughal kingdom at the north-east India.

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