Instead of PG course is there any short-term course after BE or BTech that would make me job-ready

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Author: DR.N.V. Srinivasa Rao      Post Date: 14 May 2023        
Yes. There are many short-term courses that will make you job ready after your BE/B Tech. These courses can be useful to improve your skills which will make a lot of difference to your capabilities. The short-term courses should be an extension to the qualification the candidate is having and should be a job winner for you.

The selection of short-term courses again depends on the individual. He should select this based on the area in which he wanted to have a job. For example these days irrespective of the specialisation in BE/ BTech, all students want to join a job in the IT industry. So a certification course in that area will help the individual better in obtaining a job, I believe.

If a mechanical engineer wants to start his career in his core area, the short-term course should also be something related to his specialisation only, I suggest.

The following are some such courses and I suggest the candidate select the course based on his planning regarding his career.

A) A mechanical engineer who wants to continue his profession in his core field can go for any one of the following.

1. Advanced Diploma in Remote Engineering, Mechatronics and Robotics
2. Advanced Diploma in Mechanical Engineering
3. A Diploma in CAD and CAM
4. Certificate in Mechatronics and Remote Engineering -Electro-Technology
5. Certificate in Fundamental Components Involved in Machinery

But if he wants to go into the IT field the above are not useful. He can think of the following courses.

1. Certificate in Fundamentals of Data Science
2. Short Course on Mathematics for Machine Learning
3. Short Course on Developing the Industrial Internet

There are many such courses. The individual should explore the internet and select the course that best suits his/ her requirement.
Author: Umesh      Post Date: 22 May 2023        
Many students after completing their UG course in engineering go for post-graduation in engineering in the hope of getting a better job but getting a PG degree does not always help in securing a good job. That is the reason why some engineering graduates prefer to do some skill-based certificate or diploma course and then hunt for a related job. The next question that comes to our mind is what should be that course we should attempt and then apply for some appropriate position in the industry. This would of course depend upon the core qualification of the student as well as one's interest and liking for a particular line.

I have gone through this topic earlier while preparing some content and what I found was that most of these courses are in the computer/IT area. So a non-computer B.E./B.Tech. Students might feel that there are only opportunities for graduates in that niche area but it is not a correct assumption. The reason is that an engineering graduate can acquire short-term courses in any area even if it is not directly related to the core competency. So, in my opinion, an engineering graduate can always opt for computer/IT-related courses also and then apply for a suitable job.

Anyway, let us now go through some areas that are being followed by many people for skill upgradation and help apply for a better career.

Some of these areas where one can acquire a certificate or diploma are Project Management, Business & Leadership, Six Sigma Certification, Systems Engineering, Interior Designing and Landscape Design, ISO Lead Auditor Courses, Nanotechnology, Cyber Security, Big Data, Data Science and Analytics, AI and Machine Learning, Cloud Computing, etc.

In my view, an engineering graduate can select a course out of the above exhaustive list and undergo the certificate or diploma.
Author: Ramachandran Pattabiraman      Post Date: 16 May 2023        
When a basic graduation is considered for a job it is better to avail of the job and then according to the nature of the job, one can uplift his qualification into either a diploma or post-graduation. If one is waiting for more time for a suitable job and raising qualifications further and further, the job market will not wait for him/her. If you are getting a job according to your basic qualification and enriched with experience promotion is possible and a raise in pay will also be possible to a great extent when you add up with either diploma or post-graduation in the concerned field.

Though basically I am a commerce graduate I got a job as an Accountant in an engineering concern immediately after my graduation. As it is engineering-related I did National Certificate Examination in Supervision which comprised Production, Stores, and Personnel Management, though it was not a direct requirement for my job. Later to my satisfaction Post Graduation in Commerce. But after that, I got a job in a public Limited Company in the accounts department but got transferred to Personnel Department. I got elevated to the post of Assistant Personnel Officer. I did Diploma in Labour Law and got further elevated as Personnel Officer in the same company. I served there for total of 23 years with the fullest job satisfaction.

So, our entire qualification after the basic qualification should bring Job Satisfaction and accordingly, we should select the course and topic.
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