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How to apply for Eiffel Excellence Scholarship Program 2021 in French Higher Education Institutions

Are you looking for an international scholarship? The French Ministry of Foreign Affairs is calling applications from students enrolled in the French Higher Education Institutions for the Eiffel Scholarship program. Interested candidates can submit their applications to French Higher Education Institutions for scholarship programs. Read this article to know the details of the scholarship program, application procedure and important dates, etc.

Progressing with systematic benchmarking of educational institutions against best in class

Benchmarking against the best in class is a process that is applicable to educational institutions, as much as it is to corporate organizations. However, this is a long-drawn process that can take many years. In the interim period, the institutions need to adapt and renew themselves to the challenge. This article is an attempt to focus on the steps that can be taken in the process of preparing to benchmark the institution against the best in class, as applicable.

Role of parents and significant others in development of educational institutions

Educational institutions like schools and colleges, irrespective of their location, do need a lot more inputs from parents and significant others in the local community and the entire State/country to share their knowledge and participate in the process of development of educational institutions; a few nuances of this process are sought to be discussed in some detail in this article.

How educational institutions can become brands

It is interesting to note that the process of branding of educational institutions bears some similarities with that of any FMCG product. However, there are differences as well. The subtle differences will be more pronounced in education, as it is a service with noble ends. Some nuances of the process of branding educational institutions are discussed in this article.

What makes the ISB, IIMs and the branded B schools benchmark institutions?

Benchmark institutions are ones everyone likes to emulate. The ISB and the IIMs, in India and around thirty other branded B Schools that follow the same pattern of teaching as the former, are benchmark institutions. What makes them the benchmark institutions? A few answers are sought to be discussed in this article.

How to pursue Engineering courses in various prestigious institutions in India

Engineering is one of the favorite courses for most Indian students. After their Intermediate or plus two-course, they work hard to join in different engineering colleges or universities. This article deals with the various ways one can pursue quality and standard engineering courses through the various prestigious engineering institutions established in different parts of India.

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