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Know the basics of ELSS: The tax-saver and wealth-enhancer

Equity Linked Saving Scheme (ELSS) is a special type of equity mutual fund which helps the investor to save tax and to get a substantial return. In this article, the author discusses the ELSS. Read to know about this special category of mutual fund.

Know the difference between saving and investing

Let us start with the basic. Do you understand the difference between saving and investing? Most of the Indians don't understand the difference between these two. And as a result they suffer a lot during their twilight years despite saving a considerable amount of money. It is very necessary to understand the difference between these two. Read this article to know.

Why Investing in Agarwood Plantation?

Are you thinking or worried about how to do agarwood plantation and cultivation? This article helps you to set up and maintain the agarwood plantation and cultivation.

Know the time-tested success mantras for equity investing

Equity investing is the most effective way of wealth creation. But very few can become successful in equity investing. What are the secrets of success in equity market? Let us know the success mantras of equity investing which all the great investors follow. Try to remember these success mantras.

Understanding the significance of green bonds before investing

In recent times, we very often hear about green bonds, otherwise called climate bonds. In this article, I will explain what the green bonds are about, why it is termed as green bond and what are the advantages and risks involved in buying green bonds.

Factors to consider while investing in corporate fixed deposits

Are you getting attracted by the high rates of interest provided by the company or corporate fixed deposits? Have you considered the risks involved in getting higher interest rates on corporate fixed deposits? If not, look for the factors that must be taken into account while depositing your money in company fixed deposits.

Benefits of investing in tax-free bonds

Want to know everything about tax-free bonds? How to invest in tax-free bonds? Why are tax-free bonds better than bank fixed deposits? Are tax-free bonds a safe investment option? Can one invest in tax-free bonds to get tax exemption under section 80C? If you have these queries, then, please read further to get the relevant details about tax-free bonds and advantages of tax-free bonds.

Make huge profits by investing in Australian teak plantation: budget, land, fertilizer details India

Looking to make small investments for huge turnover of profits in India? Yes, here is such a way to earn big by investing your money systematically in the Australian Teak wood plantation projects. Here in this article, you can learn about this valuable plant, its required land or area, climate condition, required budget, fertilizers, the period of its harvest and the guaranteed amount of profit in detail.

The main differences between investing in mutual funds and shares

This article explains the basic differences between stock market investment and mutual fund investment. When you understand the differences you will be able to make better investment choices. Though shares and mutual funds are both equity they are diverse investment options.

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Is industry analysis a must before investing?

Want to know the importance of industry analysis? Interested in investing after this analysis? Here, on this Ask Expert page go through the advice provided to decide where to invest.
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