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Have you made a Systematic Investment Plan?

SIP - Systematic Investment Plan, is one of the best ways to invest in Mutual funds and at the same time hedge the risk of market to a marginal extent. This article explains how Mutual funds and SIP works and how SIP hedges the risk of a volatile market.

Investment Schemes From Indian Postal Department

Investment is the word which is thinking by most of the earning peoples. In market there are lots of investments schemes available. But many of them not providing enough safety or according to our financial background. We all are familiar with the Indian postal service. But most of us are not familiar with the investment plans providing by Indian postal department. In this article I am trying provide some information about the investment plans provided by Indian postal department which is safer and with low

Investment In Debt Instruments

Looking forward to investing in PSU bonds, debentures, etc. and diversify your investment portfolio? Want to know about low risk investment schemes? Interested in financial planning for small instruments like government bonds, debentures, bank fixed deposits, postal savings, etc.? If yes, then, please read further. In this article, I have provided details about investing in several low risk debt instruments.

How to buy an apartment for investment

Buying property has always been considered a good investment. Buying an apartment is a good investment option. You can get monthly returns and your investment will grow and give you long term returns. In this article I discuss how to buy an apartment for investment purpose.

Why PPF should always be a part of your investment portfolio

In this article, I will explain the nitty gritty of PPF which may be quite handy for those who wants to enjoy safety, profitability and tax saving elements in their investments. PPF (Public Provident Fund ) works wonder when used as an investment tool for a longer maturity period, especially as a part of retirement planning. The account is packed with number of features like income tax rebate and exemption, loan and withdrawal facility and convenient operating of account.

What are the benefits of sectoral mutual funds?

What is a sectoral mutual funds? How to get in to that and what are the benefits of sectoral mutual funds? Benefits and risk involved in sectoral mutual funds? What strategy should you follow before investing in sectoral mutual funds to face less diversified and less volatility

How to do accounting of mutual funds?

In this article I have explained about accounting of mutual fund company. There are some special accounting treatment required to give in respect of its transaction which are discussed here. How to give treatment of bonus, right, purchase, sale repurchase etc. are discussed in this article.

Define SIP, types and benefits

Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) is one of the most popular methods of investment. A person can invest in SIP without any fear of high risks. If you are also willing to earn smart returns by investing in SIP, then read this article. In this article, you will come to know about SIP (Systematic Investment Plan) in details along with its benefits and types of Systematic Income Plans.

Know the time-tested success mantras for equity investing

Equity investing is the most effective way of wealth creation. But very few can become successful in equity investing. What are the secrets of success in equity market? Let us know the success mantras of equity investing which all the great investors follow. Try to remember these success mantras.

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Which investment instrument will give me better return?

Have a query about the best investment option? Looking out for advice from financial experts? Here, on this page find responses from experts regarding the best investment options with the goals of time period and risk taking capability.

Is investment in mutual funds safe?

Want to know if mutual funds are safe? Confused about whether to quit or stay invested? Find advice from experts here and resolve your query.

Query regarding investment banking

Aspiring to make a career in investment banking? Looking out for tips and suggestions? Here, you can go through answers from experts which may help you to build your career.

Goverment Employee and Investment

Interested in investing in mutual funds? Confused whether government employees can legally invest? Find advice fro experts here and resolve your query.
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