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Alternative Investments You May Not Know About!

Read this article to know about alternative investment options. Know what type of investors who can target alternative investments and the of alternative investments. Read on to know the procedure and benefits of alternative investments

Have you made a Systematic Investment Plan?

SIP - Systematic Investment Plan, is one of the best ways to invest in Mutual funds and at the same time hedge the risk of market to a marginal extent. This article explains how Mutual funds and SIP works and how SIP hedges the risk of a volatile market.

What to do during an unpredictable share market situation

During the first week of February 2018, the equity market in India suddenly started going down very rapidly. Many investors panicked. Many of them were confused. They didn't know what to do. This article tries to provide a direction to those investors in the present uncertain times.

Know six reasons to sell your mutual fund

Generally investors invest in mutual funds according to their investment goals, time-horizon and risk-taking abilities. There are various types of funds for different types of investors. However, the investors are always in doubt to determine when to sell a mutual fund. In this article, the author discusses six reasons to sell a mutual fund. Read to know.

Important financial tips for newly-weds

For a peaceful and financially secured married life, both husband and wife must plan properly, implement the planning, save wisely and invest systematically. The present article gives some useful financial tips to the newly weds. Following the tips would definitely improve their financial health and bring happiness and prosperity in their married life.

Debt Mutual Funds-Types and Investment Philosophies

Are you confused about different types of Debt Mutual Funds, although you want to invest in such Funds? Don't worry! This article explains different types of Debt Mutual Funds in details from the perspective of common investors. Read the article and have a good grasp on Debt Mutual Funds and their investment philosophies.

Best Child Investment Plans

It is common for parents to think a lot about their child's future in today's volatile economic status. How can we secure their future even if we are gone? How to plan for their education? These are kind of worries that keep parents in a confused mind about the exact course of plan they need to take.

Benefits of a Systematic Investment Plan

This article illustrates the benefit of a systematic plan (SIP) with an actual example from the stock market. The SIP is compared to an one time investment to understand the benefits it offers such as lowered risk, rupee cost averaging and accumulation of wealth over time.

Different types of savings and investment plans in India

If you want to invest your money or want to save your money. Here is the details regarding best investment plans in India and types of savings plans India. Before investing or saving what steps you have to take for safe and better investment rates of your money and also which bank offering best fixed deposit plans in India. For all these questions read this article.

All about Systematic Investment Plan and the SBI - SIP Mutual Fund

This article is written for those who do not understand what Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) is. I have explained SIP in simple language, which will help new entrants into the investment market. Clear all your doubts and learn how to invest in the best SIP through this article.

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Guidance on investment planning

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Short term investment plans for next 5 years

Are you willing to make short term investment? You can invest to earn smart returns with a small amount of just Rs. 10,000. Have a look on short term investment plans for next 5 years from our finance and investment experts.
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