Is a certificate in Digital Marketing really necessary for a job in this field?

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Author: DR.N.V. Srinivasa Rao      Post Date: 06 May 2023        
In my opinion, a certificate is proof that you have undergone the required training and have skills for doing the same. But simply by showing your certificate, you may not get the job. When you show your certificate, the expectations from the other side will be on par with what is taught in that certification course. If you are not standing up to their expectations you may lose a chance.

That is why these many private companies are not insisting on your certification but they look at your experience and the organisation in which you put up the experience. Some organisations may give some weightage to the certificates but higher weightage to the way you faced the interview and showcased your talent before the selectors.

So, as far as my knowledge goes, even for Digital Marketing jobs also certificate may not be an important issue if you have some relevant experience and are able to present them in an impressive way before the selection committee. I strongly believe that acquiring skills is more important than obtaining a certificate.

I know a company in Hyderabad. They recruit people( not for digital marketing)
for machine operation. They never ask what is your qualification and they ask for your experience and then on an ad-hoc basis, they will allow you to work on their machine. Once they are satisfied with his work they give him the appointment letter on regular pay scales.
Author: Sankalan Bhattacharya      Post Date: 05 May 2023        
Nowadays, the digital medium is an important place to advertise any product as a large section of people is there on various digital platforms. In my view, the important thing in any form of marketing is to know the ways and means to sell the products through a particular medium and it all depends on the company whether they will select a professional without a certificate or not. If there is a mandate then the company will interview the candidates who have a certification in Digital Marketing otherwise, working experience in the domain of Digital Marketing will do.

While a certificate always helps as one gathers the required domain knowledge through a certification, some research is also essential in this age as many are offering certification courses on Digital Marketing. Just searching about Digital Marketing certification courses in Google can give you multiple results. But if you are planning to get enrolled in any certification programs on Digital Marketing then it is important to find out a couple of things since many are offering such courses.

Few important things you should look for before enrolling for a course:

  • What is the result - is it only a certificate or will you gain sufficient knowledge and experience?
  • Are there domain experts in the faculty?
  • Is the organization/institute offering the course a recognized one?
  • Whether the certificate is endorsed by the employers?
  • Whether placement assistance is provided by the organization/institute?
  • Where the students of the previous batches are placed?

If you get valid answers to these queries then only select the course otherwise, look for a different institute/organization offering the certification on Digital Marketing that satisfies all your queries related to the course.
Author: Ajay Gupta      Post Date: 04 May 2023        
A certificate in digital marketing is a good qualification to have to get a job in such fields but it is not the only way you can get a job. If you have got the skills and appear for an interview, you should be able to convince the person that you are the right candidate for the job. It doesn't matter if you have got the certificate but you are not able to showcase your skills in front of the interviewer. In the age of the internet, people can learn from multiple places without getting any certificate and there are examples of people today who have excelled in a field they don't have any qualifications.

It is all up to you to make the most out of your time available and gain the required skills so that you can crack interviews for getting the desired job. Even Google offers a free course for people who are looking to make a career in digital marketing but you need to pass the exams by studying the course. Just make sure you gain skills rather than just a certificate.
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