Is any age eligibility relaxation is available to students seeking admissions in CBSE schools?

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Author: Raveena Madhubalan      Post Date: 17 Apr 2023        
I was pleasantly delighted to learn that there is in fact some age eligibility flexibility available when I was applying for admission to a CBSE school. Further information was provided when I asked if CBSE schools would consider admitting children who were up to two years older than the required age for enrollment in the appropriate class.
For instance, if the age requirement for admission to Class 1 is 5, CBSE schools may consider accepting pupils as young as 7. Before making a final choice, they might also take into account other elements including the student's academic record, performance on the entrance exam, etc.

In my situation, despite being two years older than the established age restriction, I was admitted to Class 1. I was grateful that the institution took my academic standing into account and allowed me to continue my study.
In conclusion, I may say that CBSE schools might ease the age requirements for applicants. However, depending on a number of variables, including the student's academic record and success on the entrance exam, this relaxation may not be possible.
Author: Chaitali Ray Chaudhuri (Datta)      Post Date: 12 Apr 2023        
Based on the latest rule published by CBSE, there is a 30 days relaxation period in both the lower and upper age limit for all children looking for admission in a school affiliated with CBSE. In such eventuality, parents must submit a manual application along with the birth certificate of student to avail the age relaxation of 30 days.

However, a physically or mentally challenged student has an age relaxation of 1-2 years in each class and it may further be relaxed by the Principal of respective school, if needed.
Author: Abichandh AD      Post Date: 12 Apr 2023        
I recall being shocked to learn that there was a minor age relaxation for applicants when I was applying for admission to a CBSE school. I was pretty relieved because I was a few months under the school's minimal age requirement. I was able to enroll in the school as a result, enabling me to pursue my academic goals and realize my objectives. I'm really grateful that there was an age relaxation policy accessible to me, and I'm sure that it helped a lot of other students get into the schools they wanted as well.
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