Is education in Australia costly for Indian students?

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Author: Arsha A J      Post Date: 12 Apr 2023        
Australia is a well-liked choice for international students, especially those from India, based on my reading and research. Although the cost of education in Australia can be quite exorbitant, there are a number of ways that Indian students can lower their costs. Despite the high cost of education in Australia, there are a number of ways for Indian students to lower their costs. Indian students can study in Australia without experiencing undue financial hardship with careful planning and research. Australia is a well-liked study abroad location, but Indian students may find the cost of living there to be prohibitive. There are several ways to lower the cost of education in Australia for Indian students. These include scholarships, grants, part-time work opportunities, and subsidized tuition fees in some states. With proper research and planning, Indian students can pursue their education in Australia without facing undue financial hardship.
Author: Raveena Madhubalan      Post Date: 12 Apr 2023        
I can state with certainty that the expense of education in Australia is high because I'm an Indian student studying there. I can still recall how shocked I was when I first arrived at the amount of money I had to spend on housing and tuition. Also, I had to spend a sizeable sum of money on daily living costs including food, transportation, and other needs. I had to carry a significant financial load even though I was fortunate enough to have some help from my parents. I was additionally shocked to learn how expensive textbooks were, which increased the whole cost of studying in Australia. Overall, I can say with honesty that it is not inexpensive for Indian children to attend school in Australia, and this should be kept in mind before choosing to do so.
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