Is B.E. Computer Science better than B.Sc. Computer Science for getting jobs with a high salary?

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Author: DR.N.V. Srinivasa Rao      Post Date: 15 Sep 2023        
B E computer Science is definitely better than B Sc computer science for getting a job with a high salary.

Many IT companies started recruiting B Sc graduates but the starting salary they offer is much less than the salary that is being offered to B E graduates.

My brother's son completed his B.E Computer Science and got a job in an MNC IT company with about Rs.5 lakhs per annum salary. My friend's son obtained a job in the same MNC after completing his B.Sc computers and the salary offered is about 1.8 lakh rupees per annum,

B Sc Computers is a three-year course and more emphasis is being given to the theory and the application part is not given importance. But B Tech Computers is a 4-year course with a lot of emphasis on the application part.

BE in Computer Science is more industry-oriented. The focus will be on developing practical skills. BSc in Computer Science is research-oriented. The focus will be on theoretical concepts and mathematical concepts.

That is why the industry prefers BE/B Tech graduates for a higher salary than B Sc graduates. But after B Sc, if the candidate completes higher studies like MCA, chances of getting a higher salary are higher, I feel.
Author: Sheo Shankar Jha      Post Date: 17 Sep 2023        
Of course, A B.Tech degree or a BE degree in Computer Science is much better than a B.Sc in Computer Science for the reasons indicated below-

1) There is a tremendous demand for both BE and B.Tech degree holders from the side of employers of IT companies to take care of different projects of the IT giants. They prefer the former because of the apparent reasons enriched course content of the BE/ B.Tech programmes where the candidates are taught subjects like Management Systems, Applied Physics, Applied Mathematics, Engineering Mechanics, Web Technology and Algorithm Analysis Design. The issues indicated above find their applications in the software industries very frequently during the project assignments of the IT Companies. With the absorption of such candidates, the IT giants have seen substantial revenue growth.

Now let us have a look at the course- the structure of the B.Sc in Computer Science, the course - the content of this course is entirely different containing subjects like Computer System Architecture, Fundamentals of C ++, Data Structure, Computer Graphics, Database Management & Internet Technology. Hence the candidate studying the course of the B.Sc in Computer Science would be much more benefited with the more theoretical aspects conducive for their growth in the research fields. They would be more fit for the course of the M.Sc in computer science & for their subsequent doctorate degree assignments. Hence this comparison indicates the different roles of the candidates possessing the two different skills.

2) In terms of values, the BE/ B.Tech in computer science is considered to have more market value than the candidates having secured the degrees in the B.Sc in computer science.

3) The BE/ B.Tech programme is tougher than the later programme i.e. the B.Sc in computer science due to the inclusion of the subjects in the former case.

4) The BE/ B.Tech program typically involves more lab work in the areas of computer architecture, programming languages etc. as the B.Sc in computer science has been designed to enrich the theoretical knowledge of the candidates in the computer domain.
Author: Dr. Sanchita Ranjan      Post Date: 21 Sep 2023        
No doubt, B.E computer science is better than B.Sc computer science because B.E computer science has more market value than B.Sc computer science. In the case of course duration and syllabi, both are different.

B.SC Computer Science is a three-year Bachelor's degree program while B.E computer science is a four-year Bachelor's degree program. B.Sc Computer Science is related to computer applications. It gives very little knowledge about coding while B. E Computer Science gives more knowledge about coding.

B.E in Computer Science may provide more practical and industry-oriented education, while BSc in Computer Science may provide more theoretical concepts and research-oriented education. If your selection is done for B.E in CS then undoubtedly you will be getting a deeper knowledge of Computer science and related subjects. B.E computer science will offer various career options and a better future than B.Sc computer science. If you get admission to a reputed B.Tech college/university then you will have a lot of job opportunities.

So, I would suggest you to join B. E computer science. Candidates with a B.Sc computer science degree will receive an average salary of 4.5 lakh per annum while B.E computer science candidates will receive an average salary between 4.6 and 5 lakh per annum. The final decision must however be based on individual interests and preferences.

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