Is campus politics allowed in NITs in India?

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Author: Dhruv      Post Date: 29 May 2023        
In general, you won't see any campus politics in any of the NITs or IITs. I think it has got more to do with the culture at these NITs and IITs that we see very less political activities in these colleges. However, it again depends from campus to campus. For example, compared to other IITs, IIT Madras has got a very vibrant student politics culture. But it is not like we see in colleges like JNU, Jadavpur University, colleges of Delhi University and most science and art colleges. At IIT Hyderabad, where my son is studying, there is no campus politics at all. There are however many associations, which take care of the many issues faced by the students. Prominent among them is the Student Gymkhana, a student body that works along with the college management for the all-around development of the students.

At IIT Hyderabad, elections are held for the Student Gymkhana every year and an executive council is constituted. The council members see to it that every aspect of a student's stay at IIT Hyderabad is taken care of. They are also responsible for the various activities that are organised by the students. In the NITs as well as other IITs too there must be similar associations that provide the students the opportunity to express themselves and create awareness among students about the various issues concerning them.

It is also to be seen that campus politics is not prevalent in most private engineering colleges as well. Perhaps engineering students are a bit more focused towards studies and other activities compared to their peers in the arts and science colleges, where campus politics provides a creative outlet to the students.
Author: Ajay Gupta      Post Date: 27 May 2023        
Yes, student organizations are in place at NITs to safeguard the interests of the students studying at the institution. These student organizations are responsible for working towards the welfare of the students and also take care of various activities on campus. It is a kind of politics bound by rules and regulations so that they don't affect the academic performances of the students.

If there is any case of harassment or discrimination on campus, these organizations of the students take up the issue with the higher authority. It is a type of college politics that makes sure the students are not exploited by the college authorities.
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