Is Chinese MBBS valid in India?

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Author: DR.N.V. Srinivasa Rao      Post Date: 14 Apr 2023        
We can't generalise the issue, to a country. There are some colleges in China for studying MBBS which will satisfy all the conditions and there are some colleges that are not.
So the student should enquire and get satisfied himself that his degree is valid in India also, then only he should go for admission there.

The following are some of the important conditions for a person holding a foreign MBBS degree, to get permanent medical practitioner registration in India.

1. The medium of instruction should be English. Any other medium of instruction is not eligible for recognition. Generally, in China, the medium of instruction will be the Chinese language. So candidates should select universities in China where the medium of instruction is English. Otherwise, their degree will become invalid in India.

2. The total duration of the course should be a minimum of 54 months. Any MBBS degree, having a duration of fewer than 54 months will not be recognised in India.

3. After finishing the course, the student should do an internship of 12 months in the same institute. Previously, an internship in any other institute is acceptable. But now it is mandatory to do an internship in the same institute.

4. The subjects taught should be in line with the list of subjects made by NMC.

5. The student should do again a 12 months internship in any other institute recognised in India. This will be in addition to the internship did in the studied institute.

6. The student should not take more than 10 years to complete the course.

7. In addition to the above to get the required permanent registration the student should clear the exit test or its equivalent examination. This is a medical licensing exam that is designed to assess the competency of medical graduates.

8. The candidate should be able to register for practising, in the country where he did his MBBS. with the degree he obtained.

Before getting admitted to study MBBS in an Institute, please see that all the terms required are fulfilled and then go ahead. All the best
Author: Drupad Madhavan      Post Date: 20 Apr 2023        
My cousin recently graduated from Xinjiang Medical University, Urumqi with an MBBS degree. I was asking him about his future plans and he explained to me how he has to complete his house surgency before starting actual work. However, he can stay in China and initiate it without any hassle, but if he is to come to India, he will have to write the exam conducted by Indian Medical Association - Foreign Medical Graduate Exam to be eligible to practice medicine in India.

Hence, Chine MBBS, like MBBS from other foreign nations, is valid in India, however, the Indian Medical Association must make sure that an individual is proficient enough in the medical field before trusting them with people's lives. I personally think this is a good way to screen for good doctors and build a stronger nation.
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