Is FIITJEE a good choice for JEE Advanced coaching?

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Author: DR.N.V. Srinivasa Rao      Post Date: 20 Jun 2023        
There are many FIIT JEE centers across the country. All centers may not be of the same standard. Not only faculty but infrastructure and other facilities will also differ. But there will be some common practices in all the centers.

Recently I met a faculty member of FIIT JEE in a marriage and we were discussing the methods and procedures they follow in their centers. Some of them are very good and really encouraging but some are not.

1. There will be a shuffling of students in their centers. Based on the performance of the students, the student will be getting changed from one section to another section after each phase. This may motivate some students to perform well so that they will get into the sections where individual monitoring will be high. At the same time, some may say it will have a lot of psychological pressure on the students and I feel it is true also.

2. The infrastructure is good in many popular centers. Classrooms are furnished well with AC facility. This gives a good ambiance to the students to concentrate and study well. But I understand that in some centers the infrastructure will be good for only top batches. I feel. the individual student or the parents should check this point in the center where they are trying for a seat.

3. The standard of examinations they conduct is very high and almost of the same level as the official examination that is conducted by JEE. This makes the student understand his level of performance and if he is really interested in getting better ranks he will concentrate more on the subject and may avail better service of the faculty by approaching them and trying to improve. At the same time, these tests will help the students as mock tests and they can adapt themselves to the examination in such a way that they will utilize the time properly in the examination hall.

4. The material that the institute provides is very good and covers more than the syllabus prescribed. Each chapter will have some questions and also some questions that appeared in the earlier examinations from that chapter. A student can answer all those questions after finishing the chapter. In some centers, the faculty may give some additional questions to the students as homework. This is also a good practice. The student will get the advantage of answering old question papers.

5. The strength of the students in a section will not be very high and hence there will be chances for getting the personal attention of the teacher by every student.

Overall, I hear that FIIT JEE centers are one of the best coaching centers for JEE mains and advances. They appoint qualified faculty and try to provide the best coaching to the students. I am told that the faculty will guide and show the direction to the students more than just teaching.

Ultimately, the efforts of the individual always matter more than anything else. So the individual should have interest and zeal to perform well. If that qualities are lagging, no institute can help.
Author: Ramya      Post Date: 08 Jul 2023        
FIITJEE is a reputed coaching institute in India that offers coaching for engineering entrance exams including JEE Advanced. It has a track record of producing successful JEE advanced candidates. Here are some factors that you may consider to choose FIITJEE:

1. It follows a structured teaching methodology and they provide regular classes, doubt-solving sessions, study material, and practice tests. It focuses on building problem-solving skills in its students.

2. It has knowledgeable and experienced faculty to guide its students.

3. It provides comprehensive study material, practice papers, test series, and textbooks.

It is important to note that all branches of FIITJEE will not have the same reputation. Before taking a decision, do thorough research, and consider factors like the track record of faculty members, study material, past results, batch size, individual attention, location, convenience, cost, etc. You can compare it with other coaching institutions that offer JEE Advanced preparations. You can also visit the center and attend demo classes, if possible
Author: Sheo Shankar Jha      Post Date: 25 Jun 2023        
If we go by the statistics of the results previous years of FIIT JEE Advanced, it would reveal how much the faculties of the said institute are taking pains to improve performance of the aspirants for both JEE Mains & JEE Advanced through their sustained efforts.
Their mock test series would help the aspirants to achieve their desired results in their tests apart from demonstrating their extra edges to other aspirants. The faculties very often comment in their classrooms that without the understanding the fundamentals of the related chapters, it is next impossible to arrive at the right solutions for the questions set for both JEE Mains & JEE Advanced. They would teach the aspirants to apply to fundamentals while going through the problem solving techniques.The aspirants would notice how tremendously they have improved by way of their induction in the class room programs.
Though FIIT JEE has a package of distance learning program apart from online class mode, joining the class room program would be more advantageous since the faculties deal with problem solving techniques effectively which will strengthen the skills of the aspirants to deal with even challenging questions.
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