Is it possibe to get admission for engineering in UK without IELTS?

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Author: Janmejaya Mohanty      Post Date: 15 Apr 2023        
In general, most universities in the UK require international students to demonstrate their proficiency in English by providing an English language test score, such as the International English Language Testing System (IELTS). However, there are some exceptions where students may be exempt from taking IELTS or other English language tests. Here are some possible ways to get admission for engineering in the UK without IELTS:

  • Medium of Instruction: Some universities in the UK may waive the English language requirement if the medium of instruction during the previous qualifying degree was English. In such cases, the student may have to provide evidence such as transcripts or a letter from the institution where the degree was obtained.

  • Alternative English Language Qualifications: Some universities may accept alternative English language qualifications, such as TOEFL, Cambridge English Advanced, or Pearson Test of English Academic (PTE Academic). It is important to check with the specific university and program to see if they accept these qualifications.

  • English Language Proficiency Waiver: Some universities may waive the English language proficiency requirement if the student is a national of a country where English is the official language or if the student has completed their education in an English-speaking country. However, this exemption is usually limited to certain countries, and it is important to check with the university to confirm the eligibility.

  • Foundation or Pre-sessional English Programs: Some universities offer foundation or pre-sessional English language programs that are designed to improve the student's English language skills before starting the main program. These programs may be an alternative for students who do not have the required English language score.

It is important to note that the exemption policies and procedures may vary depending on the university and the program. Therefore, it is recommended to check with the specific university or program to see if there are any alternatives to IELTS and to confirm the eligibility criteria.
Author: Samuel Unni      Post Date: 17 Apr 2023        
I would like to share with you my brother's story, who obtained engineering admission in the UK without taking the IELTS test.

He was a gifted student who always achieved success in his academic endeavours. Although he was adamant about going after his dream of studying engineering in the UK, he was concerned about the requirement for language proficiency for overseas students.

However, he discovered some UK universities that exempted students who had finished their high school education in English from the IELTS requirement. He was able to present the required paperwork to prove that he completed his high school education in an English-medium institution.

As an alternative to IELTS, some universities now provide language competency exams. When he took one of these exams, he did well on it, which allowed him to enrol in the UK's engineering programme of his choice.

In my conclusion, even though the IELTS exam is a widely recognised method of proving language proficiency, there are alternatives that may be more appropriate for some individuals. Before choosing a choice, it's wise to thoroughly examine the entrance requirements of institutions and consider all of your possibilities.
Author: Arsha A J      Post Date: 17 Apr 2023        
My personal opinion is that if an applicant has earned a prior degree in an English-speaking nation, certain universities may eliminate the English language proficiency criterion. When applying to study in the UK, international students are typically expected to submit documentation of their English language skills. The International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is the most widely used test, and many institutions and colleges have a minimum score requirement for entrance. It is crucial to keep in mind that not all universities have the same policies regarding the criteria for English language competency, and the requirements may change depending on the individual programme and level of study.
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