Is it possible to get engineering admission in Kerala without appearing for KEAM?

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Author: Vandana      Post Date: 02 Apr 2023        
No. As far as I am aware, you definitely need to appear for the KEAM entrance exam that is conducted by the Commissioner for Entrance Examinations (CEE), Kerala. The rank for engineering is arrived at after an equal weightage of 50-50 is given to the score that you get in the KEAM entrance exam + the marks that you obtain in the final year of the qualifying exam (Class 12) for Maths, Physics, and Chemistry (all three together),

I have seen some online reports that you can get a seat in an engineering college through the Management Quota without the necessity of appearing for KEAM. However, this does not seem to be correct. I checked out one college, namely, KVM College of Engineering & Information Technology located in Alappuzha, Kerala, The college website clearly states that 50% of seats that are available under the Management quota are allotted on merit by ranking the applicants on the basis of the marks that they have obtained in the qualifying exam and also for the KEAM entrance exam. So do not jump to conclusions that you can just waltz in for admission with only your Class 12 marks! Better to contact the college directly to which you will be applying for the engineering course because if you think KEAM is not necessary, you could well miss out on admission altogether.

Note that the full form of KEAM is Kerala Engineering Agricultural Medical Entrance Exam. As indicated, it is not just for admission to engineering colleges that you must appear for the entrance test. You must also appear for it if you are seeking admission to these courses in colleges in Kerala-
1. Architecture courses.
2. Medical courses, including MBBS, BDS, Homoeo, Ayurveda, Siddha, and Unani.
3. Agriculture and Forestry courses.
4. Veterinary courses.
5. Fisheries courses.
6. Co-operation and Banking courses.
7. Courses related to Climate Change and Environmental Science,
8. B.Tech Biotechnology courses.
9. Pharmacy courses.

For some of the above, you also need to appear for their specific entrance exam, such as NATA (National Aptitude Test in Architecture) for architecture courses, NEET (National Eligibility cum Entrance Test) for medical, courses, and so on.
Author: Drupad Madhavan      Post Date: 13 Apr 2023        
As you know, KEAM stands for Kerala Engineering, Architecture and Medical is the state-level entrance test that legitimizes candidates to join colleges which occurs annually. Recently, one of my cousins wrote KEAM and was pretty excited and awaiting the results. However, as I was conversing with him about KEAM, he told me how one of his friends was also trying to get admission to the same college he was planning and I enquired how KEAM went for him. That's when he told me that his friend hadn't applied or appeared for KEAM. To my knowledge, KEAM was the only way to get into colleges for Engineering, Medicine and Architecture. However, on further enquiry regarding this with him, my cousin explained to me about the management quote, where a select number of seats are reserved for students who haven't appeared for KEAM or any other exams.

Management seats are not easy to acquire due to the fact that there are very less seats with high competition, addendum the first come first serve policy. I would advise you to note that these seats cost a lot and are mostly provided in Private Universities.

In short, Yes you can admissions to Engineering colleges without KEAM, but at a higher cost and even higher risk of not getting a seat! I advise that you write KEAM and take the promising and non-risky path. All the best!
Author: Umesh      Post Date: 05 Apr 2023        
In Kerala there are many engineering, medical, and other colleges where a good number of seats in all those colleges are reserved for those candidates who qualify for entrance examinations known as KEAM and then go through a counselling process to get admission in those institutions. The remaining seats are allotted to all Indian candidates who qualify in JEE, NEET etc. The exact proportion of the seat distribution between KEAM and all India exams will be varying from institution to institution in Kerala.

So, one has to qualify in KEAM or any all-India basis exam and get a good score to get admission to Kerala colleges. Whether it is KEAM or JEE or NEET all the exams are tough and very competitive and for getting a seat through any route in Kerala state one will have to secure a very good score along with the eligibility condition of 50% marks in qualifying exam (in class XII).
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