Is it worth studying engineering in Russia

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Author: DR.N.V. Srinivasa Rao      Post Date: 24 May 2023        
Russia is a vast country and there many universities are offering engineering courses. The medium of instruction is English in some institutes and Russian language in other institutes. If you want to study in English medium, there is no necessity for IELTS or any other English proficiency test certificate. If you want to study in Russian medium you have to simultaneously do a 9 moths Russian language course.

One of my distinct relatives after completing his BE from JNTU, Kakinada went to Russia and did his PhD there. He learned Russian Language and submitted his thesis in the Russian Language. After coming back he joined Andhra University as Professor and earned a good name as the best professor in Soil Mechanics.

One of my friends is a doctor in a town near Hyderabad. His son and daughter went to Russia and completed their medical graduation there and started practising with his father in India. Both of them of very happy and they say institutes there in Russia are well equipped with all required amenities.

With my interaction with these people, I feel going to Russia and having an Engineering degree there is good. But the institute you select and the course you select only will decide how much use the course is.

Eligibility criteria for admission:

1. The candidate should pass the 12th class or equivalent with science subjects. The base subjects must be Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry. 50% marks are the minimum for general candidates.

2. Students must clear the JEE (Joint Entrance Examination)

3. Students must have a normal medical report (HIV and COVID-19 free).

Some salient features of Engineering in Russia are mentioned here below.

1. There are some specialised programmes like biomedical engineering, computer science engineering and nuclear power engineering in Russian universities.

2. The degree from Russian universities is well recognised across the globe.

3. The Cost of Russian Education is cheaper when compared to other European countries.

4. The cost of living is affordable.

5. There are no donations and seats will be allotted based on the merit of the individual only.

6. Students from many countries will be coming to Russia for their engineering degree.

7. BE duration here is 4 years and ME duration is 2 years. Some universities provide some specialised programmes and the duration of such courses is 5 years for BE.

8. There will not be any problem in getting a Visa and there are no Visa restrictions.

9. Russian government is offering some scholarships to international students opting for Engineering in their country, I understand.

10. There are options to continue PG also there after completing BE.
Author: Sheo Shankar Jha      Post Date: 27 May 2023        
Under the prevailing situation, Russia is under severe stress due to the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine. However, we must understand that this country has a strong base in the areas of education, science and technology including engineering. The country takes utmost care in the development of engineering skills and ensure that best engineers are produced with sufficient technical skills.

During the process of study, engineering students take internships in their respective streams in some large organisations so as to get enough knowledge and exposure of their chosen streams. Practical experience will benefit the aspirants not only in the educational process but also enhance their employability status in due course.

The course curriculum of engineering has been designed to make the course structure more updated, but still the aspirants need to understand some glossaries from their professors since such books are originally written in Russian languages.

Russian Engineering Degrees are recognized all over the world and have attracted many employers to recruit the passed out candidates from Russia due to the impressive records of such institutions. So, I would advise the aspirants to consider all the factors including the prevailing social and economic conditions in Russia before opting to join a course in the Country.

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