Is Russia safe place for Indian students?

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Author: Samuel Unni      Post Date: 17 Apr 2023        
I would like to tell explain my cousin's experience as an Indian student studying in Russia. He was initially a little anxious about travelling to a foreign nation, but he soon discovered that the Russian people were warm and hospitable. He never experienced any sense of threat or unease. He had to adjust to certain cultural differences, like in any country, but overall he thought the experience had been very enlightening. While attending university in Russia, he even acquired some lifetime friends.

My cousin never had any events that made him feel uncomfortable or endangered in terms of safety. Of course, like every nation, there are some places to stay away from, but as long as you use common sense and follow the rules of safety, you should be alright.

So I would argue that Russia can be a safe and friendly environment for Indian students based on my cousin's experience. Though it's always crucial to conduct your own research and exercise the appropriate caution, overall, my cousin's experience studying in Russia was rewarding and beneficial.
Author: Dr. Sanchita Ranjan      Post Date: 17 Apr 2023        
Yes, Russia is a safe place for Indian students. Generally, Russians are very friendly. Russia is a safe country for those students wanting to pursue MBBS in Russia as they follow their laws very seriously, especially, in the case of the safety of a woman. The Russian people have very kind and respectful behavior in them which makes Russia the safest place for Indians.
Some of my relatives returned from Russia and shared their experiences with me. They told that we enjoyed staying in Russia as they maintain law and order. Russians treat them very nicely with foreigners. As per my knowledge, Indian students may go for taking any degree. While some European countries treat them very badly with Indians. You must have read it in the newspaper. But, overall Russia is a good place for Indians.
Author: Arsha A J      Post Date: 17 Apr 2023        
According to my personal reading experience,Russia can be a safe place for Indian students to study. Russian universities offer a wide range of programmes in various fields, including engineering, medicine, the humanities, and the social sciences. Russia offers Indian students high-quality education at affordable costs, practical experience, and exposure to a rich and diverse culture. Russian universities are known for their high academic standards and cutting-edge research. Many universities have modern facilities and state-of-the-art equipment, providing students with an excellent learning environment. Russian universities also provide opportunities for practical experience, internships, and research, helping students gain hands-on experience in their chosen field. The cost of education in Russia is relatively affordable compared to other European countries, with many universities offering scholarships and financial aid to international students.
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