Is there any scholarships available in VIT Vellore?

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Author: Dinesh Sood      Post Date: 18 Apr 2023        
I am giving hereunder details of the scholarship offered by Vellore Institute of Technology - VIT Vellore:

Smt. Rajeswari Viswanathan Memorial Scholarship provides financial assistance to deserving students, who are from an economically weak background

Under GV School Development Program (GVSDP) - VIT Vellore offers 100% Tuition Fee waivers to the toppers of Central or State Boards for up to four years. 75% Tuition Fee waivers for VITEEE rank holders from 1 to 50. 50% Tuition Fee waivers for VITEEE rank holders from 51 to 100, and 25% Tuition Fee waivers for VITEEE rank holders from 101-1000.

Cente percent Attendance Awards are also, given to students who maintained a record of 100% attendance each semester. The top 10 students of each branch of a program from first to final year with a record of 75% and above attendance can get Merit awards.

Complete details can be obtained from this link.
Author: Drupad Madhavan      Post Date: 19 Apr 2023        
The last time I visited my friend studying at VIT, she confirmed that VIT Vellore offers multifarious scholarships and Merit Awards. Even she herself had availed Merit Award, which is given to the top 10 students in all the programs. She also stated that VIT Vellore also gives the VITEEE Scholarship given under the "GV School Development Programme" (GVSDP) - the merit award given to students who score high marks in the first year as well as persist with this score throughout the semesters, they are given a waiver for the tuition fee. I could relate to this as I too had this scholarship at my University, which you could avail if you had a consistent GPA throughout the course period!

Another benevolent move from VIT Vellore is the Smt. Rajeswari Viswanathan Memorial Scholarship, which helps students with merits but are from economically weak backgrounds. The unusual merit I came to hear about offered at VIT Vellore was the 'cent per cent merit' that availed for scholarships to students who had 100% scholarships!

These are some of the few merits and scholarships provided to students at VIT Vellore. I hope you apply for VIT Vellore and make the best of the experience. All the best!
Author: Samuel Unni      Post Date: 25 Apr 2023        
Yes, my friend who is a student at VIT Vellore told me about the different scholarships that are offered to students.
Merit-based scholarships are available from VIT Vellore to students who have excelled in their academic studies. These awards are made in accordance with the student's VITEEE entrance exam results and overall academic success.

Also, VIT Vellore provides scholarships to students from households that are less financially stable. These scholarships are intended to help students who might otherwise find it difficult to pay their tuition.

Students who succeed in athletics and other extracurricular activities can also apply for scholarships. Based on how well the student performs in their chosen activity, these scholarships are given out.

According to my acquaintance, receiving one of these scholarships has allowed him to lessen his financial load and concentrate on his academics. He was able to benefit from these scholarships, and as a result, he is now excelling in his academics.
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