Is VIT Chennai campus much smaller than VIT Vellore campus?

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Author: Drupad Madhavan      Post Date: 11 Apr 2023        
According to my friend who is currently doing his masters at VIT Vellore, the Vellore campus is one of the biggest campuses he has ever seen and come across, and is spread across almost 350 acres. Whilst the same friend recently visited VIT Chennai for its annual fest and he narrated how surprised he was to find the sister campus is small in scale, almost only coming to half the size of the Vellore campus!
Author: Algo Shaji      Post Date: 11 Apr 2023        
I can say with certainty that the VIT Chennai campus is significantly smaller than the VIT Vellore campus because I have personally visited both campuses. The VIT Vellore campus is spread out across a much larger area of land than the VIT Chennai campus. The VIT Chennai campus lacks a lot of structures and amenities that are found on the well-developed VIT Vellore campus. Also, there are many more students living on the VIT Vellore campus than the VIT Chennai campus. Because of this, the VIT Vellore campus is significantly livelier than the VIT Chennai campus. Nevertheless, it is evident that the VIT Chennai campus is far smaller than the VIT vellore
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