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Homemade cough syrup for kids

As there are so many cough syrups, which are available in the market, but these are suitable for the children more than 6 years of age. Children less than 6 years of age cannot take sough syrup, because it has alcohol in it. In this article, I will tell you, how you can make a cough syrup in your home, which is suitable for kids.

What type kids toys you prefer for your kids?

In this article, I like to describe about kids toys and what type of toys needed to your kids? Can consider video games as toys? and other type of kids toys. Toys is essential one to our kids and be accurate to choose a better one.

KBC for kids – an exploration for making of TV serial for the talented young.

This article deals with exploring the possibility of conducting KBC (Kaun Banega Crorepatti) programme by the TV channels for the entertainment and benefit of our children. Thus far, the KBC programme has focussed its attention on general viewers. In case, the KBC programme is created with the young in mind, it would go a long way in creating general awareness among the school students about the subjects studied by them as a part of their school curriculum

Why the trend of postponing kids after marriage is catching up fast?

The increasing drunkenness of success and money is so much towering upon us that the trend of double income no kids (Dinks) is fast expanding like wildfire, particularly in metro where it is commonly prevalent the most. This article throws light on this newer trend and discusses what are the causes of this increasing trend, why kids are necessary, what the logic of such couples is, what says the survey, and what its negative fall outs are.

Indian Indian Independence Day Speech For School Kids

Independence day is celebrated in all schools across India and in the Indian schools abroad. School children need to prepare a good speech to address the assembly on the occasion of Indian Independence day. Here is a good Indian Independence day speech for school kids.

Fruit Kababs For Kids- Recipe

In this resource you will find make fruit kababs for kids. Children are very choosy about their food specially fruits. It is very hard time for parents to feed children fruits. So if they can be presented in a some other manner than children will find it interesting to eat.

How to protect your kids online by K9 web protection software?

This article is about K9 web protection system which is a great web filtering tool available freely on the the internet to provide protection from the harmful sites to your kids and family members while they are online.It also prevent you from the sites which contain mallware or viruses.

Summer Camps for Kids in India

This article focuses multifariously on various types of summer camps and organizations conducting these camps in India, but also aims on streamlining camps during summer holidays for the less privileged and unnoticed kids to whom the camp organizers may be indifferent.

Wild Life Summer Camp For Kids Near Bengaluru 2011

Frolic Boonies is a set of wild life camps held near Mudumalai forest area near Bengaluru during every summer season. This camp is suitable for kids who are very much interested in wild life and nature. Children can learn and get experience on nature conservation at this summer camp conducted by Frolic Boonies.

Summer Camp For Kids In Banglore

Whiz kidz, a Banglore based educational enterprise is conducting summer camps in Abacus programs, Vedic maths, Chess, Calligraphy, Drawing and painting for children between 5-14 years of age.

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Tips for encouragement to kids to reach their goal

Do you want to know how to motivate kids to take up a career for becoming a space scientist? Looking out for detailed information regarding coaching, classes, exams, books etc which can help in achieving the goal? No worries, here you can scroll through the suggestions from experts for your questions.

Which software is best to make animated video for kids?

Want to make animated videos for kids? Wondering how to search for the best apps which may be freely available and can make a storyline? Here, on this page you can check out the suggestions from experts and decide to make the animated videos.

Which tablet is best for kids to play?

Do you want to know which tablet is best for the kids to play? Are you confused in selecting the best one? Our team of experts will definitely help you out with your query.
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