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Learning Problems In School Children

The aim of this series of is to highlight the need for a scientific approach by parents and teachers to identify the causes of poor school performance, instead of blaming, it on teacher or parents.

Business Maths: Learning Decimal Numbers

In this article, we shall learn a bit about handling maths at our workplace. We shall learn about decimal numbers in this part and in second part we shall learn about percentages.

Theory of conditioned learning

Detail study about the conditioned learning theory, different views of different educationalists, with detail, it is very helpful for B.Ed. Students., & those who are preparing for B.Ed. Admission CET & Teachers Job Placement CET.

Selecting a Right Path in Learning a Programming Language

Most of us find computer programming languages quite interesting to learn, whether you are in the IT sector or not. They want to know about hacking, how they can hack, how to create program of their own, etc. But they fail to systematically learn the programming language and get frustrated.

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Question about language learning

Whether or not to give examinations from Goethe Institute on German and Russian language? Test of Russian as a Foreign Language centers in Mumbai.
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